Taylor Swifts ‘Ready For It Video’ Looks Like An Xbox Game From The Noughties

The old Taylor isn’t dead, she’s a cyborg now

Taylor Swifts ‘Ready For It Video’

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

I apologise in advance to the dedicated video game/sci-fi fans out there. Admittedly, I know very little about these things. But what I do know is that Taylor Swifts new video for ‘…Ready For It’ has just dropped and it looks very much like the type of thing my little brother used to spend hours playing on Xbox back in the day. And the closest thing I can relate it to is Assassins Creed meets Halo meets any and all sci-fi films in Ryan Reynolds’ back catalogue.

Remember when we found out that the old Taylor Swift is dead? Well according to the new music video she’s not entirely dead, she’s just become a cyborg.

‘…Ready For It’ starts with lots of cyborg Taylor strutting around like a bad ass (we know she’s a bad ass cyborg because she’s got her hood up, you see) through a line-up of legit looking robot people until she correctly enters an access code into a little keypad and opens up this big impenetrable metal door (because there’s always a bi impenetrable metal door to get through in the sci-fi, isn’t there) that turns out to be guarding a big open warehouse type space that looks a bit like the abandoned lab that Logan from X-Men was turned into Wolverine.

Much like Hugh Jackman did, Taylor (another Taylor, not the undead-cyborg Taylor) appears to wake up naked and confused but then spots hooded cyborg Taylor and comes at her with the sass. There’s a flash of red light and then naked Taylor powers up, Iron Man style, shoots cyborg Taylor for a bit before magically turning into an ex-Machina type Taylor perched upon a white stallion.

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Things don’t get any clearer from there, I’m afraid. And yes, I’m struggling to see the connection between lyrics and visuals too, despite how much I enjoyed all of the dramatic strutting and Terminator-style skin peeling from Taylor's robot face towards the end. But it's okay because to be fair, the production on the video is pretty insane and I can honestly say that yes, it looks like the type of video game that the kids I was friends with in high school would probably have wanted to play.

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