Stop Teasing Us With A Spice Girls Reunion That We Don’t Want Anymore

The Spice Girls Reunion: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do. It’s sad, it hurts, and more often than not we don’t actually want to turn our backs on whatever it is the fates are telling us to walk away from. It’s such a universally difficult task that the Spice Girls even sang a song about it. And now, more than 20 years after their creation and a few years of vague promises of some sort of ‘reunion’, I think it’s time the Spice Girls gave it a rest.

‘So glad we made it, time will never change it’, they sang. 'Goodbye, my friend', Mel B, Mel C, Victoria and Emma harmonised (you'll remember that this was awkwardly their first single after Geri departed the group). You see, we made our peace with the end of the Spice Girls a long time ago. We've said goodbye a couple of times now. Please, don't make us do it again.

Our hopes were most recently lifted and tested by Mel B. Only three months ago all five Spice's reunited at Geri Halliwell's house with OG managerial mastermind Simon Fuller to discuss future projects. There were talks of a tour but rumours were quickly squashed by Victoria Beckham who said she definitely doesn't want to do the whole 'singing on the road' thing again. But at an appearance on Loose Women yesterday, Mel B went and reignited suspicion that the tour we were once so excited for but are now admittedly indifferent too, would still go ahead.

'We are in the works of figuring the stuff out. All five of us have signed with Simon Fuller... It's all very exciting.' Mel explained. When she was asked whether it was music that they were specifically working on, she said: 'It's going to be a bit of everything. If it was up to me we'd go on tour immediately. Maybe we will soon... Hopefully.'

There she goes with the teasing again. Mel added: 'I've always said we're definitely touring. I think I've just been nagging them all a bit too much. I stopped nagging and then they all said "yes". I shut my mouth.'

I can't help but sigh, and I can't be the only one who's a bit resentful of this dream that keeps being promised, stalled and denied. There's only so much we can take. There's only so many times we can obsess over the possibility of reliving Girl Power. There's only so long that the Spice Girls, who haven't really existed in their entirety for a long time now, can exist in this weird, frustrating limbo.

Stop right now, Mel, thank you very much. The memory of the Spice Girls in all of their original glory will forever remain close to our hearts and you might go so far as to say that the Spice Girls as we knew them were perfect because they stopped when they did. We'll revisit the albums on Throwback Thursdays and double tap with all the enthusiasm should any of our five favourite women post affectionate group snaps together. But let's leave Spice Girls there. Some things aren't meant to viva forever.

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