Here Are The Six Musicians You Need To Know About For 2015

It looks like female vocals are going to have a 'moment', guys.


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It's all too easy to get stuck in a musical rut. Playing Taylor Swift's 1989on repeat? We don't blame you. But revamping your music library is like cleaning out your wardrobe, only this is a Spring-clean for your ears. 
We attended a talk by the members of the Spotify team (Aggie Jones, David Cooper, Rob Fitzpatrick and Will Hope) responsible for forecasting the year’s biggest music talents. Think of them as the Mystic Megs of the music industry, minus the crystal ball.

After attending Mindshare's Huddle and meet the experts at Spotify, we've narrowed down the six artists you need to get on your playlist ready for 2015:



Who?* Female French-Cuban twins, the daughters of a well-known Cuban percussionist. They write and play all of their material.

What? Soft, unique sound with a Yoruba vibe and elements of dub, hip hop & jazz.

Listen to: Mama Says on a lazy Sunday morning, for a chilled out sound.

Sounds like: Norah Jones because of the haunting quality of their voices, but with a modern twist.



Who? Male and female duo from Melbourne, Australia.

What? Strong folky female vocals overlaid with broken electronic beats. Folk has met the future.

Listen to: Make Me Wonder when you're chilling with friends.

Sounds like: Jessie Ware thanks to their similar synthy, electro sounds but Klo have a more folk-like twang.

**Flyte **


Who? Male quartet.

What? Pop band with a catchy 80s, retro sound.

Listen to: Light Me Up when you need an afternoon pick me up. Forget coffee, this will do the trick.

Sounds like: The Feeling (remember them?); ‘Fill My Little World’ popped into my head as soon as I heard this. But they have an 80s twist. Other people name-dropped Tears for Fears, amongst others.


Who? 18 year old male rapper from Atlanta, who writes his own music and plays guitar. Rob described him as ‘changing the boundaries of rap’; quite a statement.

What? Think soulful, acoustic tracks coupled with beats.

Listen to: Cigarette Song on a sunny afternoon spent hanging with your friends.

Sounds like: This is a difficult one. The closest I could think of is if Pharrell went acoustic, you’d get something a bit like this.




Who? Haitian-born male producer who has worked with the likes of Mobb Deep.

What? Electro, funky broken beats with a percussion edge.

Listen to: Leave Me Alone when you’re pre-drinking.

Sounds like: Disclosure in terms of his beat-heavy, catchy tracks with interesting collaborations.



Who? 18 year old girl from west Ireland.

What? She writes and plays guitar, creating poetically soulful acoustic songs with a slightly gravelly edge to her voice.

Listen to: B a noBodyduring your relaxing evening down-time and her cover of CHVRCHES 'The Mother We Share’.

Sounds like: A rawer, even more paired back version of Daughter.

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