The Bands People Will Be Talking About At Coachella That You’ll Need A Magnifying Glass To Find On The Poster

No Muse for us, please, thanks


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Oh great, it’s that time of year again. When the good looking, the rich and the famous pack up their monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage, grab their flowery headbands (could those things BE any more annoying?) and head over to Palm Springs – by private jet, yo – to Coachella.

Well you know what, guys? Fuck them. Instead, pull the curtains, put [Freaks and Geeks]( on and munch on a big bag of Doritos. Chances are you’ll have much more fun. Plus, we've even put together a list of the artists people are going to be talking about when they come back – so you don’t even have to watch any news coverage. Take that Coachella.

Future Islands

The lead singer looks a like a more dorky version of your high school biology teacher, but no-one’s been able to shut up about these guys since their performance on The Late Show with David Letterman last month, which saw singer Samuel T. Herring writhe around the stage and growl like a metal singer. Anyone watching couldn’t help but fall for the oddball trio.

Jhene Aiko

Jhene’s been knocking about for a while (she originally recorded vocals with B2K – remember those guys?), but her debut album’s only due for release this coming May. With collabs featuring Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar and Drake under her belt already, though, we’re expecting big things.

Anna Lunoe

Hailing from Australia, Anna Lunoe’s been DJ’ing her way around the world for several years but it’s her latest single Breathe that's got us taking notice. An excellent summer tune.


Who knew Libertines-esque indie pop still had a place in 2014? The massive success of US-based Drowners’ first album earlier this year is being heralded by some as proof it’s making a comeback. While they’re not massively our cup of tea, Welsh born frontman Matthew Hitt used to be a model so there’s always his face to enjoy.


Fucking hell, these guys couldn’t have picked a more unappetizing name if they tried. Thankfully they’re more rap group and less a mass congealing of sewer rats held together at their tails by blood and shit. With their first album So It Goes (props for the Kurt Vonnegut reference, there) out this week as the follow up to 2012’s excellent Wiki 93 EP, they’re a refreshingly raw anitdote to some of the sterile over-produced rap out at the moment.

Unlocking The Truth

A heavy metal band made up of 7th graders? Yes please. These guys aren’t the easiest to listen to (a problem that’s made worse by their scratchy garage band recordings) but, c’mon, they’re pretty ace.

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