Phil Collins Is Great. Why Are All The Grown-ups Freaking Out About His Return?

Seriously Dad. What gives. Take A Look At Me Now? More like take a long hard look at yourself.

Phil Collins Is Great. Why Are All The Grown-ups Freaking Out About His Return?

by Jess Commons |
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For some bizarre reason, people seem to be pissed off that music maestro Phil Collins is coming back to music. After five years away, the ex-Genesis singer and drummer has announced that he's set to record a new solo album and, rather than treating this excellent news with rejoice and praise, the public have got really upset, to the point that they've petitioned the UN to put a stop to it.

Brian Pee (maybe not his real name?) from New York has pleaded for the help of the community to help stop Phil Collins' impending return. According to Brian 'There is far too much suffering in the world as it is. This must be stopped.' My dad had a similar reaction, as did a lot of other middle aged men. 'But who's going *stop *Phil Collins from coming out of retirement?' they said.

This left us confused. Have the older generation never experienced the joy of Easy Lover being played to a room of gurning students at 3AM? How about the majestic glory of singing Against All Odds __ with your best mates as the sun comes up and the Magic FM breakfast show kicks in? Hell, even just drumming along with that gorilla Cadbury's advert featuring *In The Air Tonight *gave us a satisfying antidote to another boring day at school. And, even before we knew the joy of getting battered and listening to ’80s pop tunes, Phil Collins had us covered with the Tarzan soundtrack You'll Be In My Heart.

Maybe we're too young to remember when Phil Collins was big news, but by gum we've had some fun times to his music in the ensuing years. Thanks for being the soundtrack to our drunken adventures, Phil.

So old people. What gives. If Phil Collins wants to come back, let him come back. We'll have him.

PS - Band Aid 1984. Phil did all the drums for that in one take.

Here's your guaranteed know-every-song Phil Collins playlist for next time you indulge in a glass (or seven) of alcoholic beverages.

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