Nina Nesbitt On Using Posh Loos And Her Brand New Sound

She’s got legions of followers hanging on to her every post and has, just this week, embarked on a headline tour following a two-year hiatus.

Nina Nesbitt On Using Posh Loos And Her Brand New Sound

by Alya Mooro |
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With a new more grown up sound and look, we caught up with the Scottish popstar Nina Nesbitt to talk chewing gum, social media and growing up.

Hiii Nina! You’re heading off on tour soon - what are you most excited for?

Well… I don’t really know how people are going to react to the new music so that’s really exciting. I’m looking forward to just kind of traveling again, I think it’s really easy to forget that the people on the Internet are actually real people so It will be cool to see everyone in real life.

What’s it like having such a huge online fan base?

I don’t really think about it until I see them in person and then I’m like ‘OMG! This is so weird!’ They’ve all been there from the start so it’s really nice to have them sort of grow with me.

Speaking of growth, your new song Chewing Gum is super different to any of your previous stuff. What was the reaction to it like?

I was really nervous because it is very different to the music before so I wasn’t really sure how people were going to react but it’s been great! All my music before was from when I was like 17 so I think I’ve just kind of grown up and it’s been really nice to not have any pressure on me and just be able to get on with it.

You’ve been living with some friends in London for the past couple of years too which must have been fun!

Ah, it’s been so good! I come from quite a small village in Edinburgh so, not in a bad way but I was quite sheltered. All my friends here are like so individual and so different and that’s what I like about them. I feel like just kind of being on my own the past two years just wanting to be single and focus on myself and not think about anything.

**What’s your favourite chewing gum flavour? **

Spearmint! The green one.

Everyone knows the comment sections on websites are just horrific. Do you read your comments?

To be honest I’ve been quite lucky and everyone’s been mostly nice but there have been a few comments! Obviously you’re not going to please everyone though and that’s fine. I read my YouTube comments once and I was like ‘why did I do that!?’ I never Google myself or look at my YouTube comments anymore, because it’s always the bad ones you hold on to.

If you could only use on social media app which would it be?

I love Twitter and Instagram but I think I’d have to pick Twitter because you can talk to people and share pictures while on Instagram it’s only pictures.

You recently tweeted about how much you love posh loos (us too!) Which is the best you’ve peed in?

Probably the one at The Langham. I just stood there thinking ‘wow! Some people actually pee in this bathroom all the time, that must be nice!’ And then I left.

Chewing Gum is set for release February 5th.

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