4 Ways To Listen To Adele’s New Album Without Buying It

And they're all perfectly legal. THANKS.

4 Ways To Listen To Adele's New Album Without Buying It

by Chemmie Squier |
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Just as the world braced itself to listen to Adele’s new album, 25, in full, we were delivered some not so great news: for the forseeable, it won’t be available on streaming applications like Spotify and Apple Music. Crushing.

Although Adele’s made no official statement, we’re betting it’s probably similar to Taylor Swift’s sentiment, when she pulled her music from Spotify.

The thing is, when you’re already paying for a Spotify membership (mainly because you forgot to cancel it after the first free month, but details), having to buy an album as well is a bit of a kick in the teeth/bank account. Instead, here’s some legit ways you can listen to the album without actually buying it. And then listening to it.

1. Forget about personal space

You know when you’re on the tube/bus/any other places that require an invasion of personal space, and you can hear someone’s tinny music pumping through their crappy headphones? Well, that just became a positive thing rather than something that makes you want to punch strangers in the head. Because, if it’s Adele’s dulcet tones you hear emanating from them (a tenner says it is), get as close to them as is socially acceptable and enjoy it along with them. Sure, it’ll be a slightly more muffled version, but you’ll get the gist.

2. Walk around loads of shops

The laws of probability say that each song on Adele’s album will be played at some point in every shop. So all you need to do is go shopping, go into loads of shops and you’ll probably have listened to at least 70% of the album by the time Christmas arrives. Easy and productive because you need to get your shopping done anyway.

If you like, go one step further and record the song on your phone as it plays, like a modern version of taping the Top 40.

3. Utilise YouTube

As she releases the album tracks, there’s bound to be videos to accompany them. Enter: YouTube. This is a bit of a waiting game, so you’ve got to be committed to the cause and see it through, possibly until this time next year. Besides, you hate following the crowd.

4. Make the most of 30 seconds

Most sites where you can buy the album, like Amazon, let you listen to 30 seconds of every song. Um, hello (seriously, no pun intended there), that’s basically the whole track and the majority of us change the song after 30 seconds anyway, right? So 30 seconds the shit out of that album and you’ll get just as good an understanding of the deep deep lyrics than if you listened to the whole thing like a normal person.

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