Your Summer Music Guide: 6 Essential Girls To Add To Your Playlist Now

Here's The Sound Of Your Summer

Your Summer Music Guide: 6 Essential Girls To Add To Your Playlist Now

by Lexxi Davis |

Lion Babe


Who are they? Lead singer Jillian Hervey is the babe with the lion-like mane and kick-ass vocals, her partner in crime, Lucas Goodman, the production and instruments man whose Leo star sign (along with Hervey’s wild hair) named the band.

We say: 'Soul-R&B at its most achingly-cool peak. Jump So High ft. Childish Gambino was their first big hey-these-guys-are-AWESOME song, now with new single Wonder Woman, produced by the one and only Pharrell, you know this New York duo are summer playlist gold.'

They say: 'I’m always on my computer creating mood boards, I have tons of different folders. If there’s a certain song I’ll kind of make a mood board folder and these might be references to old vintage photos or just a piece of clothing I’d see or like stuff that I might have in my closet or that I’ve already found in a vintage shop.'

Add to your playlist if you like… Lauryn Hill, Ella Erye, Pharrell


Who is she? Chicago born Trinity Home was making homemade mixtapes before getting noticed by Timbaland’s label, now signed at only 20 years-old and with an album on the way (_Think Tin_k is due this summer) she is more than just one to watch.

We say: 'The sweetest rap voice we’ve ever heard, smooth R&B beats and melodic chorus lines that get into your head and never get out again. A fresh artist rising fast, paving the way for a new hip-pop sound this sweat drenched summer (mainly from dancing to this track on repeat).'

She says: 'I sing and I rap as well so Tink is like a mix of both worlds. I started singing in the church choir when I was like 3 years-old, my father is a musician and my mother sings as well so music has always been around me. My story is like every other teenagers story from my city you know being a female rapper we have more to prove.'

Add to your playlist if you like… Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj

(Video lyrics are NSFW insert wide-eyed emoji here)


Who is she? Calling her music ‘avant-pop’ with fierce female groups in the 60s providing extra inspiration, the girl behind the pink hair is performer and producer Laura Bettinson, who also happens to be the singer of Ultraista – a group formed of ex Atoms For Peace members. (Um, coolness overload).

We say: 'Merging super synth-pop beats with unforgettable dance and electro bass to make you wanna move, FEMME is already making waves in the world of music, and fashion too, being dubbed ‘fashion’s favourite pop star’ by Vogue. New track S.O.S is full of digi drum beats and arm-waving chorus lines, what more could you want this summer?'

She says: 'I'm about big beats and arresting visuals. I'm inspired by powerful women and a carefree attitude and hope to put a bit of personality back into pop music. My music is like The Ronettes, Blondie and Salt n Pepa going on a drunk night out round Madonna's house circa 1987, bumping into TLC and Charli XCX on the driveway and finding Santigold and Lykke Li doing shots in the kitchen.'

Add to your playlist if you like… MIA, The Knife,


Who is she? Not to be confused with androgynous actress Kristen Stewart, this east London living twenty-something is the next big voice in the young London music scene. Already working with names like Bondax, Oliver Helden (on the #5 hit Koala) and Shift K3y who produced her debut single (Keeping You Up – out June 01), she’s rising fast.

We say: 'If the top hits of this year already are anything to go by, this girl’s mellow R&B beats mixed with her powerful pipes and a dollop of garage, are sure to top the charts in no time. The type of song you want need on your party playlist, you won’t regret it when you can say you knew this girl first. She hangs and jams with the likes of MNEK, Becky Hill and other up-and-comer Ryan Ashley - watch this to see that very same young British talent absolutely KILLING IT.'

She says: 'My sound is a combination of classic 90's song writing and really musical production with an old school feel. I take influence from people with incredible voices like Mariah and Whitney but I try to turn it in to something fresh by pushing things as far as I can.'

Add to your playlist if you like… Jessie Ware, Mariah Carey

Kate Boy

Who are they? Aussie/Scandi lead Kate Akhurst, and Swedish trio Hampus Nordgren Hemlin, Oskar Sikow Engström, and Markus Dextegen from original group Rocket Boy. Kate Akhurt + Rocket Boy = Kate Boy. Simple musical mathematics no?

We say: 'Toe tapping beats with an unmistakable Scandi-sound, Kate’s intriguing voice only makes you want to hear more and juicy new trackHigher simply urges your body to move (just try and listen to it without bobbing your head). And if that isn’t quite epic enough for you, check out the music video…'

They say: 'We are very inspired by the electronic sounds from the 70′s and 80′s and how they would mix organic and electronic, almost robotic ingredients. Pioneers like King Crimson, Peter Gabriel and Jean-Michel Jarre are very important components of the KATE BOY inspiration box. Also a lot of inspiration comes from things other than music. Film is something we all share a big passion for. There’s something about the concept that inspires us more maybe than specific sounds or words; that feeling when you enter a world and you want to stay there. We want the same feeling with our music.'

Add to your playlist if you like… Grimes, Say Lou Lou, Lykke Li


Who are they? An America Indie-pop 6-piece hailing from NYC. Mandy Lee providing the unique vocals, percussionist Etienne Bowler, bass guitarist William Hehir, guitarist Marc Campbell, multi-instrumentalist Jesse Blum, and sit-in saxophonist Mike Murphy.(Phew!)

We say: 'A kind of atmospheric funk, these talented musicians alongside lead singer Mandy’s vocals sit beautifully in a playlist marked ‘summer cool’. Having supported the likes of Bleachers and American Authors, for a band that was formed purely from Mandy’s birthday wish of creating an 80s cover band, they are sky rocketing.'

They say: 'We are simply just a group of best friends in awe that we get to live out our dream together. All we hope to do is to connect with people from every walk of life through the music and simultaneously make you dance your ass off!'

Add to your playlist if you like… Rudimental, Ellie Goulding,

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