‘Ketamine: The Musical’ Coming Soon in New York City

Because what else is there left to write a musical about?

'Ketamine: The Musical' Coming Soon in New York City

by Pola Namysl |
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I'm assuming you've heard of ketamine, but in case you haven't, it's a drug sold under name Ketalar. It was developed in 1963 and was originally used as a drug in medicine for anaesthesia. It's since become popular as a recreational But totally illegal, class B) drug. According to Wikipedia (because we don't know about these sort of things at all), it puts you in a kind of trance-state, causes pain relief and may also provoke memory loss. It usually is mixed with other drugs and can be dangerous. As it's odourless and tasteless, it's sometimes used as a date rape drug.

So it's obvious to see why it's become the subject matter of a musical, right? Or a piece of immersive theatre, anyway.

Yep, Ketamine: The Musical will be on this month (17th- 19th of August) at House of Yes - a theatre in Brooklyn, New York. We don’t really know much about the plot but according to House Of Yes it'll be an 'immersive, participatory, psychoactive and dissociative spectacle. You will not be able to unsee, unhear or unfeel the things that you will see, hear and feel.'

Accoring to the organisers, the one-hour show 'feels like an eternity (the fun and scary kind).' Oh and it’s seated 'because obviously you can’t stand on Ketamine.'

If you happen to be in Brooklyn and are interested in watching it - I’m sorry but it’s too late, the tickets are already sold out. But you never know, if it goes well, maybe this is the start of a full Broadway run?

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