Decoding Justin Bieber’s Bonkers Tour Rider

Including what exactly is an ‘Indian Yoga Casket’ and what he’s asked the hotel chef to name his gourmet meals after.

Decoding Justin Bieber’s Bonkers Tour Rider

by Lucy Morris |
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We always think of divas as female, but a quick glance at Justin Bieber’s leaked two-page rider, and we think otherwise. It should be mentioned that the document has been in no way verified, but it’s also not been denied. So, as it stands, we’re going to assume the multiple demands of the Sorry singer, which vary from 100 hangers to a specially flown in female masseuse, are all real.

The extensive list was revealed in a tweet by an Indian music journalist Arjun S Ravi, who described it as ‘Justin Bieber’s India tour rider’. Biebs, who is set to play Mumbai for the first time on the 10th May supposedly asked for incense, essential oils, a ping pong table, a Rolls Royce, a refrigerator, vegetables seasoned with ranch source and an Indian yoga casket for the trip.

The full list reveals a few insights into the man himself. For starters, he’s certainly not a hand luggage-only kind of guy. He also likes to ‘unwind before he takes to the stage’ in a jacuzzi and purple is his favourite colour. He hates ‘lilies’ as he made a special mention that his 'fresh flowers’ do not include them. We’ll assume his favourite protein powder flavours are ‘strawberry and vanilla’ as they were specifically requested and that his favourite sugary treats are ‘Ghirdadelli dark chocolate’, ‘Swedish Fish, boxes of Ritz Bitz Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches’ and ‘Haribo Cola Gummies’. In case you were wondering, the star likes to shower with ‘Dove body wash’. We’ll include the full list below, but these are some of the highlights….

A Private Rolls Royce ‘Reserved For The Grammy Winner Himself.'


5 Gourmet Meals A Day Prepared By ‘Culinary Experts’ That Are ‘Renamed After His Popular Songs.'

Yumm, we'd love a bite of Never Say Never or a slurp of Love Yourself.

‘A Licensed Female Masseuse Specially Flown In From Kerala Will Be Provided To Bieber On All 4 Days’

‘2 Packages Of Plain White Crew-Neck Teeshirts, In Sizes XS And L’

‘3 Packages Of White Lo-Rise Socks, Size XS And L’

8 Security Guards

10 Luxury Sedans And 2 Volvo Buses

A Ping Pong Table

Mogul Paintings

Bieber, we recommend you use spell check next time as we think you mean a Mughal (not Mogul) painting, which is a particular style of illustration favoured in South Asia.

‘A Special Indian Yoga Casket.'

A little research reveals this is probably a carry case for his extensive ‘aromatic essential oils' collection. We checked in with both the Yogi's at Lululemon and Fierce Grace and both said they have no idea what it a yoga casket is.

'Jasmine, Mogra, Rose And Camphor Incense Sticks.'

A Playstation

‘Fresh Flowers (No Lilies)’

A Sofa Set

Washing Machine

‘A Private Jet And Chopper On Stand-By.'

A Private Jacuzzi

‘Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Platter’ And ‘Vegetables Seasoned With Ranch Sauce.'

'12 White Handkerchiefs.'

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