Jess Glynne’s Festival Dos and Don’ts

Her take on festival loos, hangover cures, dream line-ups and whether it’s a good idea to get busy in a tent…

Jess Glynne Tells Us Her Festival Dos and Don’ts

by Jess Commons |
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Jess Glynne didn’t have the greatest start to the festie season. The Hold My Hand singer was forced to cancel performances at Glasto, Isle of Wight and other festivals this summer to undergo surgery on her vocal chords.

But, the cool-headed, north London gal – she famously turned down X-Factor scouts when she was just 15 to do things her way – is not one to wallow. After making a full recovery, Jess was back in the limelight, playing V Festival and releasing her debut album last weekend.

We caught up with Jess over email while she was still in hospital healing from her surgery – doctors had banned her from speaking! - to find out how she was getting on and ask for her festival tips…

Hope you’re feeling better! What’s going on with your voice at the moment?

Well, I’ve just had an operation to remove a polyp and some scar tissue from my vocal chords. Similar, if not exactly the same, to what Adele had a few years ago.

How’s the healing process going? Is it ice cream all day every day?

The healing process hasn’t been as hard as I thought it’d be. There wasn’t really any pain after the operation. The only hard thing is not being able to talk – three weeks is a pretty long time. I haven’t been having ice cream every day this time, but that’s what I did when I had my tonsils out!

What’s the actual worst thing you’ve ever seen at a festival?

I reckon the worst thing I’ve seen is a girl being so under the influence she was rolling around on the floor, unable to stand. The paramedics had to carry her out. It made me so sad. It’s so bad for you. I don’t understand why people do that to themselves.

Tell us your secret festival tip. Mine is to invest in a box of wine, take the silver bag out and carry it around during the day for all the gang to enjoy.

Mine is probably to wear comfy shoes so you can shake your arse all day long.

What’s your ideal line-up on a main stage – and why?

Amy Winehouse (if she was still here), because I love her and never got to see her in her full element. Prince, as he’s one of my musical heroes. Musiq Soulchild, as he’s pure happiness and soul. Beyoncé, because she’s a huge inspiration and one of the best performers there is. Adelel cause I love her and I’ve never seen her at a festival. Frank Ocean – I’m obsessed.

What’s better: portaloo, long drop or compost loo? Or bush?

Portaloo or a bush.

Sex in a tent – best idea ever or something you’ll regret for ever?

Never done it so I wouldn’t know. I don’t think I’d ever do that – I’m too much of a clean freak.

What approach do you take to festival hygiene – get clean in the posh showers or just stay dirty for a few days?

If I had the option to shower in the posh showers, I’d most definitely take it.

Got any tips for dealing with the rain?

Hide from it or just completely go for it and get wet and jump around in it.

What’s your festival hangover food of choice?

Chips are probably my favourite!

Is backstage the best thing ever? What goes on back there?

I wouldn’t say it’s the best thing ever. I reckon the most amount of fun goes on out front. Backstage people are just chilling and eating and getting ready to perform. Good chats go on back there!


Jess Glynne’s debut album, I Cry When I Laugh, is out on Atlantic Records.

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