Fans Think Adele Is Engaged To Rich Paul

She wore a large teardrop diamond ring on her fourth finger at the 2022 Brit Awards.

Adele engaged

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It was a great night for Adele at the 2022 Brit Awards. Thanks to her single Easy On Me and her comeback record 30, she scooped the awards for Best Song, Artist and Album at the ceremony. But, after a flawless performance of I Drink Wine and a tripple award win, there was one question everyone was asking: Is Adele engaged?

Taking to the red carpet in an old Hollywood style black custom Armani gown, Adele accessorised with a huge tear drop diamond ring on her fourth finger that immediately set the rumour mill spinning.

‘Wait a damn minute. Is Adele engaged? If so congratulations,’ wrote one fan on Twitter. ‘Ermm…Did Adele just casually let the world know she’s engaged to Rich Paul by wearing this WHOPPER teardrop diamond ring at the Brits?’ questioned another.

Rich Paul and Adele have publicly been together since Spring 2021 after her divorce from Simon Konecki was finalised. They met on the dancefloor at a mutual friend’s birthday party years ago and it was only after they reconnected when Adele’s father, Mark Evans, died that they started dating.

While Adele, of course, garnered fame through her relatable and emotive relationship ballads it is questionable whether every award show she attends, announcement she makes, or tour date she cancels should have to be related directly back to a high or low in her current romantic situation.

Adele’s Brit appearance seems to have been characterised by relationship rumours. When she announced she would be performing at the awards, she used the opportunity to put speculation to rest that she and Rich were splitting up: ‘Hiya, so I’m really happy to say that I am performing at the Brits next week,’ she said. ‘Oh, and Rich sends his love.’

After Maya Jama, who also wore a diamond ring on her fourth finger for the awards show was uncomfortably quizzed about her relationship status with her basketball play boyfriend Ben Simmons by host Mo Gilligan, it begs the question— when did award shows become such an engagement ring surveillance opportunity?

Of course, debuting a diamond on a red carpet will spark intrigue... especially one of that size. But surely these shows should still be a celebration of the work and achievements of the musicians winning the awards rather than what jewellery women are placing on their fourth finger?

When Adele is ready to tell us, she'll tell us. And until then, let's enjoy the albums she worked tirelessly to produce.

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