How Much Does It Actually Cost To Go To Burning Man In 2016?

With ticket increases, flights and shuttle busses, just how affordable is the worlds' most coveted festival?

How Much Does It Actually Cost To Go To Burning Man In 2016?

by Jess Commons |
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Thinking about heading out to Burning Man this year? Get saving now chaps, you're going to have to pay an extra $34 for the privilege this year thanks to the pesky Nevada State government.

See the festival, as oversubscribed as it is, aims to stay 'affordable'. This means the majority of tickets cost $390 (£268), although there are 4000 tickets for $190 (£130) available under the 'Low Income Ticket Program' which you can apply for if you're poor(ish - because if you're really poor there's no way you're splashing out £130 to go and dance in the desert with P Diddy and his pink feather boa).

However, this year, thanks to the state of Nevada, they're adding an extra $34 onto the $390 tickets to pay for the as of yet uncomfirmed rise in the Live Entertainment Tax. Basically Burning Man have to increase ticket prices so they can pay rising tax bills but this year, they haven't managed to get an answer out of the local government as to how much this will be - so they've added the extra cash on. Although they promise they'll refund it if it's not needed.

In addition, to help keep the price down, they've got another set of tickets available which are called the Leonardo Da Vinci art tickets (this year's theme is 'art') which cost $1,200 and, although you don't get anything extra for them (what) the proceeeds do go to help local artists.

If you do want to go, you need to get on it. Registration opens today for the expensive ones (that's probably not you). For the $390 ones, registration opens on March 16th.

But, before you go reaching for your cheque book (is this 2004, maybe) let's work out the actual price of your trip shall we?

Burning Man Ticket 2016

$390 (£268)

Return flight to Reno, Nevada

£739 (with one stop)

Shuttle bus to Burning Man from Reno to Black Rock City

$136 round trip (£93.53)

Spending money

I mean, at least you'll save money here; the festival's into 'decommodification' meaning the festival 'seeks to create social environments that are unmediated by commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising.' So none of this £6 a pint thing they've got going on at Glastonbury.


£1100.53. Ouch.

Pretty safe to say we're not going. Wanna come round to our communal courtyard and dance around naked instead? Yeah, go on then.

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