Happy 7th Birthday Spotify. Here’s What We Were Listening To In 2008

Here's another birthday to make you feel old...

Happy 7th Birthday Spotify. Here's What We Were Listening To In 2008

by Jess Commons |
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Here's another birthday to make you feel old; Spotify, the music streaming service that changed the way we listened to music and made it that little bit easier to deal when our laptop finally packed up and we lost our whole iTunes library, launched seven years ago today.

To commemorate this momentous day (can't believe you didn't have it in your calendar TBH) we've decided to travel back in time to 2008 and remember the best of the best (and sometimes worst) of the songs we were all listening to. In case you're wondering why there's a Scouting For Girls shaped hole in the below list it's because I made the list and I chose to spare you from hearing Elvis Ain't Dead yet again. Don't say I don't ever do anything for you.

A few notes - these were all taken from the the top 100 chart songs of 2008; chances are your fave super cool song from a super cool band ain't there.

On the other hand though, there are some super duper pop gems;* Bleeding Love* by Leona Lewis for instance, and Be Mine! by Robyn. On the other hand, there's a lot of The Hoosiers, a Nickelback song and erm, The Plain White T's.


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