Friday Rewind: The Playlist From Back In The Day But, Like, Today. This Week: Girls Aloud, T.A.T.U.

Because Friday is 100% for raving to music that kids under 15 think is for 'old people'.


by Jess Commons |

Happy Friday hangovers kids! If you've spent today so far trying to look like you're working REALLY HARD while actually you're trying not to die from lack of sleep and last night's seventeen cocktails (plus shots! Good Thursday life choice!) then here's your Friday dose of nostalgia to sort you out.

Today we've taken our musical time machine back to the heady days of 2003, Love Actually came out, Lizzie McGuire was still on telly and we were somewhere in between frazzling our poker straight blonde highlights with GHDs and studying for Year 9 SATS.

Luckily, the charts in 2003 were 9000% on point. The Top 10 this week eleven years ago included the first single from Girls Aloud (here's a reminder of what they looked like then), Busted, and erm because the number one was David Sneddon, we took the liberty of substituting it for 2003's next number one, T.A.T.U. *All The Things She Said. *You're welcome.

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