Ella Eyre’s Back With A New Awesome Track ‘Together’, Hello Summer Anthem!

We're putting this at the top of our summer playlist

Ella Eyre's Back With Her Awesome New Single 'Together'

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

If you've ever wanted to watch Ella Eyre ride a supermarket trolley, run around in the sun and have breakfast cereal poored over her while sat in a bath (what, you guys don't do that?), you are in for a treat. Ella is back with the video for her new single 'Together' released on 18th May.

Fun, uplifting, and super catchy, the song is everything you'd expect from a summer pop release. And yes, Ella looks as stunning as ever as she pisses about with her friends on a sunny afternoon. Jealous? Us? Totally.

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