In Case Anyone Needs Reminding That Dua Lipa Is A Big Deal…

She just released a killer new music video and made BRIT Awards history

In Case Anyone Needs Reminding That Dua Lipa Is A Big Deal…

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

The world of pop has long awaited a woman like Dua Lipa. And there’s a reason why her songs and the painstakingly cool music videos that follow dominate YouTube and Spotify plays.

The video for IDGAF, Dua’s latest single from her self-titled debut album, reached 10 million views in it’s first 48 hours which is both insane and not all that surprising. The song, which is as defiantly relatable as New Rules and too catchy for it’s own good, is all about going through a breakup, sure. But beneath the surface it’s really all about self empowerment.

In the music video we meet two Duas – a stronger, more confident Dua dressed in a blue suit, coordinating crop top and a pair of white Addias Superstars; and Dua’s alter ego who’s dressed exactly the same only her outfit is orange.

Each Dua is backed by a girl gang of dancers, much like in the New Rules video, all dressed exactly the same. We watch the two sides to her dance battle it out and eventually reconcile in a physical interpretation of the internal struggle so many of us go through before reaching that final cathartic ‘I Don’t Give A Fuck’ stage of moving on.

WATCH: Dua Lipa’s New Video For ‘IDGAF’

'The #IDGAFMusicVideo was the toughest and most challenging video to film', Dua tweeted on Friday. '[It] took us 22hours to shoot starting at 6am and finishing at 4am the day after but the most rewarding. I am so proud and lucky. Thank you for your love'.

Elsewhere in the biz, not long after being announced Spotify's most streamed woman in music of 2017 andearlier becoming the first solo female number 1 since Adele, Dua Lipa has also gone and broken a BRIT Awards nomination record.

Over the weekend the nominees were announced for this year's BRITs and Dua became the first female solo artist to receive five nominations in a single year. She made history for being up for best album, best single, best video, best female and breakthrough awards. How's that for an incredible accomplishment?!

Just when we thought last year had been insane for Dua Lipa, it looks like 2018's going to be even bigger and it's safe to say everyone's pretty excited to see what happens next.

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