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Style Advice From Cardi B, Should You Ever Attend Your Cheating Partners' Funeral

© Cardi B, YouTube

Cardi B has one simple instruction, two very simple words: be careful. 'It's not a threat, it's a warning, be careful with me' she sings to her groom in the brand new music video for the track called (yep, you guessed it) Be Careful.

The video for this particular song from the record breaking rap star's debut album Invasion of Privacy is a tale of two halves. Cardi Bswitches from bride-to-be to a widow scorned at her cheating ex-husbands funeral. And while it may be a warning tale of what happens when a love interest dares to cross Cardi and her fragile heart, it's also a brilliantly savage lesson in how to style a killer funeral outfit for a wayward partner who should have known better. There's no denying it, Cardi looks incredible. And that's half the point of the whole thing.

WATCH: Cardi B's Be Careful Music Video

In a southern-gothic aesthetic not all that distant from the visuals Beyoncé used for the Lemonade_ _album, phase one of the Be Careful video sees Cardi at a Church in the middle of the desert. Her white hair waves as she glides down the aisle wearing a beautiful wedding dress that could've come straight out of a Vera Wang catalogue, accessorised with hoop earrings and a tower of silver chains. She glides, she sings, she warns her husband that 'karma for you is going to be who you end up with'.

Fast forward an unspecified period of time and we're back at the same church. The guests, dressed in black and wearing consistently disapproving expressions on their faces, are still sat where they were for the earlier wedding. What's changed is that Cardi's other half is now lying in a casket and Cardi B re-enters the church in the outfit of dreams (or rather, nightmares...).

© Cardi B, YouTube

Cardi is not here to play games but she's is here to make one hell of style statement. A black wide-brimmed hat with a bejeweled veil upon her fierce fuchsia hair worn in an intricately knotted ponytail. A fitted black blazer with, from what we can see, little more than a black bra underneath. A full floor-length tasseled skirt (yes, in black) and black pointed stiletto boots with a diamanté strap across the toe to match the chokers Cardi wears around her neck.

Romance may be dead but vengeance looks pretty damn good on Cardi...

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