What’s Going On With Beyoncé RN? Here Are All The Conspiracy Theories On The Internet

A tour with Jay Z? A new alter ego? ANOTHER PREGNANCY?! Lol joke. No more baby announcements...

What’s Going On With Beyoncé RN? Here Are All The Conspiracy Theories On The Internet

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No matter how desperately we, the Bey Hive, may try, our queen Beyoncé is forever a few steps ahead of us and damn, is she good at surprises. In the last couple of years alone we’ve had the Formation album, two pregnancy announcements, rogue chart-topping music features (did not see that Ed Sheeran one coming) and a complete revamp of her Instagram strategy. Girl likes to keep us on our toes.

Recently though, a few hints about what Beyoncé might be up to next have started to rear their heads from the deep dark depths of the internet and obviously, we’ve got feelings about all of them.

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The Debrief - Destiny's Child Outfits

Destiny's Child Outfits1 of 21

The Bandeau Crop Scenario

Because it was compulsory for each band member to wear a little bit of the same material on different areas of their body. See Kelly's cardi and everyone else's harem pants.

Destiny's Child Outfits2 of 21

Potent And Pink

Throwback to the era of the statement chunky belt. Hold tight Kelly for taking one for the team and donning the statement trousers too.

Destiny's Child Outfits3 of 21

One Fabric, All The Dresses

This gem was taken at the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards back in 2000 and is one of the early examples of Tina Knowles' apparent love of an asymmetric hemline .

Destiny's Child Outfits4 of 21

Ladies In Leather

The VMA's afterparty called for a group ensemble too, you know. Is it a coincidence that* The Matrix* was released within a year or so of this outfit's creation? I think not.

Destiny's Child Outfits5 of 21

Power Pattern

Not quite Zebra print, not quite leopard print but hey, here's some more of that asymmetric hem action we were talking about earlier.

Destiny's Child Outfits6 of 21

Cut Out Queens

For a lesson in how to rock a mid-drift baring cut-out dress, please refer to these impeccably impractical examples.

Destiny's Child Outfits7 of 21

Committed To The Print

This look was carried right from Michelle's bra down to Beyonce's pointed toes. Dedication, or what?

Destiny's Child Outfits8 of 21

Deeper Shade Of Blue

No words. Just tassels and cowboy hats.

Destiny's Child Outfits9 of 21

Earn Your Badge

At the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice awards demonstrating how to encourage more young women to join the Girl Scouts of America. No, those outfits might not be regulation but look how many badges they have!

Destiny's Child Outfits10 of 21

Frill Me

Probably the leas matchy, matchy of the lot but we appreciate the shoe to dress coordination.

Destiny's Child Outfits11 of 21

Kira Kira Gold

Golden Greek Goddess vibes with this shiny look. Definite inspiration for the Kira Kira app of today.

Destiny's Child Outfits12 of 21

Sheer Here And There

Because was a dress worthy of a 2001 red carpet if it wasn't a little see through?

Destiny's Child Outfits13 of 21

Lemon Denim Blend

Once again Kelly's out here taking one for the team and wearing a token bit of jean across her body to continue the elaborate lemon on denim tend.

Destiny's Child Outfits14 of 21

Orange You Happy To See Me?

The orange, the blue, the tassles, the kind of leather boots? Name a bigger collaborative sartorial statement. I'll wait.

Destiny's Child Outfits15 of 21

Off White, And What?

Lets play a game of spot how many patterns and items of embellishment. These girls wear 'extra' so well and we're jealous.

Destiny's Child Outfits16 of 21

We're Still Fun But Also Mature

Here's where the trio really tried to demonstrate their individual personalities while also pretty much wearing the same thing. Never not here for Kelly's peek-a-boo mid-drift.

Destiny's Child Outfits17 of 21

All For One

And again.

Destiny's Child Outfits18 of 21

Plenty Of Purple

I know, bit of a shock to the system seeing them looking like they shopped from different racks at the same store. But if you were to lose one of them at a party they'd still be easily identifiable.

Destiny's Child Outfits19 of 21

Spot The Sequins

A little upper body glitter action to connect three actually quite different outfits? We se what you did there guys.

Destiny's Child Outfits20 of 21


This was the school talent show dream. The reality was you all wearing dramatically different spangly tops and dresses as stolen from your mums' wardrobes and getting in trouble for trying.

Destiny's Child Outfits21 of 21

You Do You And I'll Do Me

Some JLS-style colour block assignment here, as seen on the Destiny Fulfilled And Lovin' It tour.

From the collaboration with husband Jay Z, to secret tours and the debuting of an alter ego with a life entirely of it’s own, here’s what the internet thinks is up with Beyoncé at the moment.

Are Beyoncé And Jay Z Touring Together Or Nah?

There have been hints for weeks, you guys. Some clever people spotted a landing page on Ticketmaster a little while ago (which was very quickly deleted once the news spread on social media) but until now, nothing official had been said by either Beyoncé or Jay Z. That is until last night when the first dates of ‘On The Run 2’, the follow up to their last joint tour ‘On The Run’ in 2014, were announced on Beyoncé’s Facebook as well as on Ticketmaster.

But then, once again, these posts were deleted and we have to ask, is Beyoncé trolling us all or is someone in her publicity team really shit at their jobs?

Naturally the internet went into meltdown and is still trying to piece together what this all means but I think we can be pretty confident that there is a joint tour coming. Granted, it’ll be some time after Beyoncé’s imminent Coachella appearance but it is a bit strange that the briefly listed date for the supposed On The Run 2 tour was 30 July. You know what these guys are like with dates and numbers – Jay’s 4:44 Album, Blue Ivy (IV = 4 in Roman Numerals), pregnancy announcements and album drops to coincide with Black History month, and so on and so on – I kind of expected that the joint tour, if there is one, would be in September. They like that month.

Nevertheless, Jay Z has previously confirmed that he and Beyoncé do have a joint album together so prospects are promising. ‘We were using our art almost like a therapy session’, he told the New York Times back in November. ‘And we started making music together.'

‘And then the music she was making at that time was further along. So her album came out as opposed to the joint album that we were working on. Um, we still have a lot of that music’

Beyoncé And Jay Z’s Secret Oscars Party

Anyone else think that they’re doing a lot as a double act at the moment? That’s not to say that they haven’t worked together on projects before but following the release of that incredible video for Family Feud and all of this talk of joint tours, it does feel a bit like Jay Z and Beyoncé they’re re-asserting themselves as the united (you know, after all the stuff about Jay's infidelity came out) the king and queen of entertainment.

And that doesn’t stop at music. There were reports of a top-secret Oscars party hosted by the two of them which Page Six's sources say is going to be an annual thing. Could this be a power play in the world of Hollywood ahead of Bey’s upcoming role in The Lion King?

Okay maybe it's not that sinister but if there's one thing we've learned it's to never underestimate how meticulously Beyoncé's entire life is planned and strategically executed. Nothing is an accident, people!

Once reports broke about the party ahead of the Oscar's though, there were more rumors going around about the party specifically being for nominee Mary J. Bilge which she was asked about on the red carpet.

She didn't quite confirm or deny that it was being hosted by Jay Z and Beyoncé, she just referred to 'the family' (*Family Feud *reference, no?) putting something together.

Beyoncé’s New Alter Ego B. Has A Life Of Her Own

Have you heard *Top Off *yet? It’s a song by DJ Khaled and Beyoncé, Jay Z and Future all feature on it. It only came out last week but if you were to look up the song on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, you’d spot an odd one out because on Tidal (as owned by Jay Z let's not forget) Beyoncé’s name isn’t fully listed. She’d credited only as B and elaborate connections have been made over on the Twitter.

On 'B's artist page there isn't a featured image of Beyonce as there is on her main page, but rather *Top Off *is the only song attributed to her. Over on Beyonce's artist page Top Off isn't listed at all. Suspicious, eh?

Some people think that B could be an alias for another Sasha Fierce type alter ego that we'll be seeing from Beyoncé soon, which would make sense. We all know how Bey likes to reinvent herself through new albums and if this Jay Z collab is a thing, then maybe it'll be B. and J. On The Run this summer with new music from that secret, unreleased album.

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