Here’s Everything Ariana Grande Has Ever Said About Plastic Surgery

Ariana Grande has been refreshingly and emotionally honest about her relationship to beauty

Everything Ariana Grande Has Said About Plastic Surgery

by Daisy Hall |
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We’ve witnessed her development from a red-headed teen actress on Victorious to a 31-year-old chart-topping singer, so it’s only natural that Ariana Grande’s appearance has changed over time.

And sadly, as a woman in the public eye, that means that there’s been plenty of speculation surrounding whether or not Ariana Grande has had plastic surgery. The surgery and tweakment rumours surrounding the We Can’t Be Friends hitmaker include rhinoplasty, a face lift, cheek filler, lip filler and a Brazilian butt lift. In fact, there’s not much that Ariana hasn’t been suggested to have had.

Ariana Grande in June 2010
Ariana Grande in June 2010 ©Getty

It was therefore refreshing to see Ariana Grande speak so openly – but also without feeding into the speculation and frenzy surrounding the topic - about the different tweakments that she’s had over the years in a Beauty Secrets video for Vogue.

The singer – who is currently dating her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater - admitted, ‘My relationship to beauty has changed so much over the years, especially because I started so young. Being exposed to so many voices at a young age and especially when people have things to say about your appearance and stuff at a young age, it’s really hard to know what’s worth hearing and not. But when you’re 17 you don’t really know, you don’t know that yet.

‘Our relationships to beauty are so personal.’

She later continued, ‘Full transparency as a beauty person - as I do my lips - I’ve had a ton of lip filler over the years and Botox. I stopped in 2018 because I just felt so… too much. I just felt like hiding you know? I didn’t expect to get emotional!

‘For a long time beauty was about hiding for me, and now I feel like maybe it’s not. Since I stopped getting fillers and Botox, and maybe I’ll start again one day, I don’t know. To each their own – whatever makes you feel beautiful, I do support. I know for me, I was just like “Oh I want to see my well-earned cry lines and smile lines”. I hope my smile lines get deeper and deeper and I laugh more and more.’

Ariana Grande at the 2024 Met Gala
Ariana Grande at the 2024 Met Gala ©Getty

Ariana eventually concluded, ‘I just think ageing can be such a beautiful thing. Now might I get a facelift in 10 years? Might, yeah. But these are just thoughts that I feel like we should be able to discuss.

‘Fuck it, let’s lay it all out there.’ We couldn’t agree more!

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