Did Adele Steal Her Song From A Kurdish Man?

Fans reckon Adele's Million Years Ago is ripped off from a 1985 song by Ahmet Kaya

Did Adele Steal Her Song From A Kurdish Man?

by Jess Commons |
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Another day, another Adele story.

This time though, the story is less ‘OMG Adele is so great and she’s changed my life’ and more ‘Oh no, what’s going on here, then?’

Fans of Turkish Kurdish popstar Ahmet Kaya – who died in 2000 – have taken issue with one of the songs on Adele’s new album. They reckon Adele’s Million Years Ago is actually a reworking of Kaya’s unforgettable 1985 hit* Acilara Tutunmak* (which means Clinging To Pain).**

Whether or not there’s anything to come of the accusations remains to be seen but if you’d like to weigh in on the subject then say thanks to the fan who made the below mash-up comparing just how similar (not that similar to our untrained ear) the two songs are.* *

TBH, if you translate Kaya’s lyrics it’s clear to see that he shared similar songwriting sentiments to Adele. One line reads (roughly, obvs): ‘We collided, like two rivers rushing down two mountains. We once met at a crossroads. We forgot separation, we kissed longingly goodbye.’


BRB just finding another ex to break up with again.

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