Nike Has Released Its New Ad Campaign, And We’re Into It

'Nothing Beats A Londoner' Is A True Celebration Of The Capital

Nothing Beats a Londoner Nike Advert

by Tasha Kleeman |

Nike has released a new ad campaign celebrating Londoners, and it’s kind of amazing.

Featuring 258 Londoners (including cameo appearances from some big names in music and sport), the ad is a tribute to the energy and diversity of the capital.

In it, London’s young inhabitants comically outdo one another describing the challenges they face in pursuit of the activities they love, from the boxer who must first combat her family before entering the ring, to the ice hockey player who has no one to play with because no one in London actually plays ice hockey. Some, like the female footballer who struggles to get noticed, are actually quite poignant. Others, like the swimmer who ‘might die’ if she stops swimming, are a testament to athletic strength and resilience. Most, however, are just downright hilarious, with particular highlights including a slapstick Big Shaq being rejected by Arsenal’s Alex Iwobi, a tennis player battling the elements in reference to London’s volatile weather, and Skepta riding out on a Boris bike.

Among the star-studded line-up are Mo Farah, Harry Kane, Dina Asher-Smith, Jorja Smith, J Hus and AJ Tracey. In the ad, they blend in seamlessly with everyday Londoners in diverse corners of the city, from the school playground to the London underground to the backstreets of Peckham. Morley’s fried chicken even makes an appearance.

The advert is part of a wider campaign which will see Nike-sponsored athletes meet communities and play sport with young people in 270 venues across the city during February half-term.

After its ‘What will they say about you?’ campaign divided popular opinion this time last year, the public response for ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ has been overwhelmingly positive. It has received some criticism, however, with many pointing out the ad’s palpable lack of the South Asian demographic:

Nike's ad falls short of truly representing London's diversity, then. Unsurprisingly, it's also somewhat less popular with those outside the capital, who have criticised the ad's London-centrism.

We’re also sure why Nike decided to channel Lily Allen with its spelling of LDNR, but we’re willing to let that one slide.

On balance, it seems this time Nike has outdone itself, with an ad that’s fresh, fast-paced and, crucially, doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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