Does This Mean You’ll Soon Be Able To Afford To Buy A Flat In London?

Figures have shown a 15% drop in property prices in the last 12 months.

New Figures Reveal Full Extent Of Our Housing Crisis...As If We Didn't Already Know

by Ines Mendonca |
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London property prices are falling and experts say it might be because of Brexit. Once the centre of UK’s property boom, areas like Wandsworth have now seen their prices fall by more than £100,000. Homes in the borough of Wandsworth were coming in at an average of around £805,000 as of January of 2017 but the average has now fallen to £685,000. Other London boroughs, like Southwark in South London, have seen their average house price lower from £666,000 to £585,000 or Islington, in North London, where prices have gone down from £750,000£ to £684,000. In the North-West, however, the opposite has happened and property prices have actually gone up, with Blackburn showing one of the highest growth rates in the UK.

Your Move, one of the UK’s biggest estate agency chains, has said that ‘this is the steepest annual rate of decline in London prices since August 2009, during the last housing slump, which was itself associated with the banking credit crisis of 2008-09’. James Gubbins, a partner at real-estate agency Dauntons, has claimed that ‘uncertainty over Brexit is the issue’. Slower economic growth and faster inflation since the Brexit vote are weighing on the market, while the Bank of England is raising interest rates, adding to the downward pressure.

Something that certainly doesn’t help is the sharp surge in the number of expensive apartments Londoners don’t want or can’t afford. The UK’s housing crisis is a massive problem, particularly in London. Regardless of the drop in prices, a house which costs three quarters of a million pounds is not a reality for most trying to purchase a home and certainly not a reality for the millions of young people in the country. While Theresa May has announced plans to tackle the housing crisis, affordable homes throughout the country are still far from a reality and with an increasingly unstable market, housing prices might continue to drop in the times to come.


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