A Hello Kitty Pop Up Store Has Launched In London And It’s Purrfect (Sorry)

Are you excited as we are? I hope so.

A Hello Kitty Pop Up Store Has Launched In London And It’s Purrfect (sorry)

by Florence Ogram |

Hello, Hello Kitty lovers. Today is your lucky day, because today, Hello Kitty is back in LDN!

Last year, we saw Cutter and Squidge hold Hello Kitty themed afternoon tea. It went down a treat so much that our furry friend is back in town. Tombo in Fitzrovia, the Japanese-style restaurant is the most recent place to hold a Hello Kitty pop up store, and it’s exactly everything you imagined, and more!

The matcha tea and poké salad specialising cafe will be serving all things Hello Kitty- Hello Kitty tea, Hello Kitty bowls, Hello Kitty ice cream sundaes, Hello Kitty biscuits, and more. Oh, and there’s going to be Hello Kitty merchandise!!! Rumour has it that the store will be selling Hello Kitty tote bags, Hello Kitty post cards, Hello Kitty posters, along with Hello Kitty tea ceremony and tea pickers. If you couldn’t tell already from the amount of times ‘Hello Kitty’ was said in this para, I’m rather excited about this HELLO KITTY pop up café!

Fun fact: Hello Kitty was actually born in London, oh and apparently, she’s not a cat! She was created in 1974 when Japanese culture was obsessed with British culture.

Christine R. Yano, the curator of the 40th anniversary retrospective of Hello Kitty, explains “she is not a cat. She’s never been depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature.” The Hello Kitty homepage also reveals that she is in fact ‘a cheerful and happy little girl with a heart of gold’ called Kitty White… well you learn something new every day, hey.

The concept store will be open until the 8th October at the Tombo in Fitzrovia, London.

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