Debrief Does: BXR Sweat’s VersaClimber

It’s like spin meets rock climbing meets legs, bums and tums

Debrief Does: BXR Sweat's VersaClimber

by Grazia |

I’ve got a real love-hate relationship with exercise classes. Not in the conventional sense of ‘some days I’m raring to jump on the elliptical trainer and some days I’m not’. But rather, if you asked me how I felt about getting stressed and sweaty with a group of strangers, most of the time I’d tell you that it’s my worst nightmare, other times I’d tell you that I can understand why my mates do it on the regs.

There’s a weird performance pressure that I find comes with group exercises classes (some people say that’s half of the attraction, of course), which is why I always approach them with apprehension and a huge knot in my stomach. When I rocked up to BXR to give their brand new, shiny and not available to try anywhere else VersaClimber class a go, I felt exactly the same as I normally do. Little did I know that I’d leave the class reluctantly grateful for the 45 minutes of unavoidable sweat and internal temper tantrums that I’d endured to get through it…

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First thoughts?

Another day, another gym class that I’m going to feel super silly in. Especially because BXR is a cool, sleek and undeniably Instagrammable studio that the exercise competent people of the world appear to go to play. Not one for little old, cardio-phobic me. But okay. I’ll have a go at your fancy new climbing machine.

How difficult is it?

I don’t think ‘difficulty’ is the word. It’s one of those classes in which, by the time you’re halfway through and understand what’s going on with the flashing lights and ‘let’s get pumped’ music, you realise that the people who look really chill and are quite literally taking everything in their stride have been there many times before. But don’t be fooled, beginners are very welcome. I’m the proof.

Do I need a working knowledge of exercise beforehand?

Nah, I wouldn’t say so. Although it would help speed up the process of becoming comfortable with a big scary machine if you were familiar with engaging your core and glutes on demand. The VersaClimber is almost like the static bikes you ride in spin classes, except you’re standing up right and don’t have a seat. So, most of the power and momentum comes from ‘climbing’ with your arms and legs, engaging different parts of your body to reap different benefits.

Debrief Does: BXR Sweat's VersaClimber

Can I fit it into a lunch break?

The class is 45 mins long but I wouldn’t dare underestimate the time you’re going to want to spend in the shower, guys. VersaClimber falls under BXR’s ‘Sweat Cardio’ category for a reason so you may as well accept that it’s going to be a hair wash day.

Could I take a mate?

Yeah sure but don’t expect to have enough breath to chat at them. For the first time ever (like, ever) I was actually glad that I did a class alone because I literally didn’t have it in me to acknowledge another human being neither during or in the aftermath of the class. A whole lotta sweat, a whole lotta ache.

Would I need to shower after?

Yes. We covered this, pal.

Debrief Does: BXR Sweat's VersaClimber

Was it fun though?

Many of you will know by now that I find it really hard to describe difficult conscious exercise like this as ‘fun’, but I legit enjoyed it more than I could ever imagined I’d enjoy climbing a static, essentially non-exitant (no seriously). It hurt, and I cursed and moaned A LOT, but I didn’t hate it. To be fair though, the pain was probably aided by the fact that the studio is very pretty and there’s a sauna in the changing room. For reals though…

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