Cheap Things To Do This Weekend November 14 + 15

No plans this weekend? Here's what should be on your list

Cheap Things To Do This Weekend November 14 + 15

by Jess Commons |
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Here's how this weekend's going to go down...

The telly show to hole up with

I was lucky (ish) enough to be super sick last week. Lots of throwing up and the like, it was delightful. But, by happy coincidence, I was sick on Friday when Aziz Ansari's Master Of None premiered on Netflix. I watched it all in one day. It's really, truly, very good. Aziz plays Dev, a 30 year old guy, still trying to grow up while all his friends around him are settling down with kids and becoming all sensible. Each episode deals with a different issue and it's no suprise our favourite is the epsiode called Ladies and Gentlemen in which Dev and his male friends find out the shit their female friends go through with creepy dudes every single day. Dev decides to put a stop to things. It's funny, sad, and, most importantly, relatable as hell. Think Girls for guys.

The gigs to do your mum dance at

Gigs are great first date material; mainly because you don't have to talk for an hour. And, as long as you've got your awkward two step in order, inviting someone to one makes you look pretty cool. So, if you're wondering what to do with that person you met on Happn then you've got two options this weekend; check out either the excellent Kurt Vile, playing in Dublin and Bristol (and a whole lot more places afterward) or lovely lovely Lucy Rose who's in Coventry, Nottingham and Southsea this weekend (again, loads more places in the future).

The film to fork out for

And we know cinema tickets are expensive so gosh darnit we would not advise you to go spending a tenner or whatever ridiculous price they are down your local multiplex (don't even get us started on popcorn) unless it was really truly worth it. This week, the film that is, is Tangerine. You've probably heard a fair bit about it online; it premiered at Sundance back in January and it keeps popping up in the news at other film festivals over the rest of the year. It's about two transgender prostitutes Sin-Dee and Alexandra who spend Christmas Eve running around the seedier side of Los Angeles in the hope of finding a girl that Sin-Dee's boyfriend (pimp) has been shagging while she's been in jail. That might sound like harrowing watch but trust us on this when we say it's set to replace Muppet Christmas Carol and Love Actually as your favourite heartwarming Christmas film and it's a funny as it is touching. One to watch with your best friends. Check out our interview with director Sean Baker and Mya Taylor who plays Alexandra here.

The festival to switch your brain on

Kicking off today, Being Human - the UK's only festival of humanities is back for it's second year for ten whole gloriously academically challenging days. Taking place a venues across the country (no excuses!) get ready for a series of talks, exhibitions, tours, screenings and debates on everything from Harry Potter (yep) to documentary filmmaking for acitivism purposes, historical fashion, civil rights in the UK to the history of the satirical cartoon. Basically, even if you're interested in like, nothing, there's enough stuff going on that there's something you'll want to attend. Take a look at the full line up here. Even better - it's pretty much all free, you just need to book. Thanks Being Human!

The album to get your pre-drinks on to

Lovely little Hailee Steinfeld; her from* True Grit* and Pitch Perfect 2 has only gone and released an album. Of course you're more than familiar with her naughty (or is it?) Love Myself which is perhaps one of the year's biggest bangers so far. We're happy to report that the rest of her album Haiz, out now, is similarly suited to staying in on a Saturday night with a vat of white wine and singing at your reflection in the mirror. Hailee; what a champ.

The exhibition to ogle Kim n' Kanye at

You know Juergen Teller from his bonkers but beautiful shoots for just about every major fashion magazine going. Most recently, he did those pics of Kim Krdashian lying on a mound of dirt which we definitely didn't get but we certainly enjoyed. If you're a London-dweller then pull your best gillet on and head to Phillips in Mayfair to take a peek at his three most recent projects (yes including Kim and Kanye). It's free. Which we can't say for many other things in Mayfair. Get in and get out before you end up partying with Spencer Matthews at Cirque Le Soir and starting to think that loafers with no socks is a good idea.

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