You Can Dine With Dementors At This Harry Potter Halloween Event

Drink cocktails with Death Eaters, drown yourself in Butterbeer and hang out with Hippogriffs this Halloween at Harry P's London studio

You Can Dine With Dementors At This Harry Potter Halloween Event

by Frankie Wildish |

Warner Bros Studio Tour in London are going all out to bring J.K. Rowling's wizarding world to life this Halloween, holding a 'Hogwarts After Dark' event running for two nights. Hardcore Harry Potter fans can enjoy a full sit-down meal in the Great Hall complete with enchanted floating pumpkins, and actors dressed in the genuine Dementor costumes from the film - but it comes with a hefty price tag that'll have you breaking into Gringotts.

The Harry Potter dining experience can be booked for either Saturday 28 or Sunday 29 of October, with guests being asked to turn up at 7.30pm to be greeted with smoking dry ice cocktails at the reception. Diners can then enjoy a chicken liver starter and beef fillet with bone marrow croquette for main, or veggie options of goats cheese, candied pecans and forest mushroom, in the famous Great Hall where Harry and his pals got 'sorted' into their Houses many moons ago. Ticketholders will enjoy their meals in the Hall decorated according to the Halloween scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which will be the perfect one-off experience for lovers of Halloween and Harry P alike.

A trio of desserts will be served in the Forbidden Forest (which you'll have to find by following a trail of spiders) where you'll be accompanied by a host of Hagrid's magical creatures including the Hippogriff and Aragog the giant tarantula. During the evening you'll get to explore Diagon Alley, the Gryffindor Common Room and other amazing parts of the original HP set, all with dimmed lights and creepy All Hallow's Eve makeovers.

The Halloween spectacular will feature plenty of candles, cauldrons, spooky lanterns and many more surprises you'll recognise from both the film franchise and world-famous book series. Later in the evening you'll get to meet with the Prop Making Department who'll let you in on their secrets, including how they set up those hovering pumpkins you ate your dinner under.

The Warner Bros website promises an evening filled with original props and costumes, with Death Eaters roaming the attraction 'allowing you to see up close the intricate details of the embroidered robes and hand-painted masks.'

If you thought it couldn't get any better, after dinner you'll be invited to grab a wand and learn some magic tricks from 'Wand Choreographer' (best job ever?) Paul Harris, in preparation for a real battle against the Death Eaters. Remember Professor Flitwick's advice and perfect your swish and flick.

The immersive experience sounds truly spell-binding, but might also curse your bank account - tickets per person cost a petrifying £240, meaning you probably need to be a true Potterhead to consider splashing out for this one-night extravaganza. But for an evening spent getting spooked by authentic Dementors, sampling pumpkin pie and Butterbeer and visiting the Weasley's house in the Burrow, we're seriously considering casting some charms to help us come up with the cash.

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