The Best Bonkers Festive(ish) Events To Make The Rest Of The Year Party Central

From outlandish over the top street food worlds to bonkers cabaret nights, the rest of the year just got good

The Best Bonkers Festive(ish) Events To Make The Rest Of The Year Party Central

by Jenn Crothers |
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Beware the dreaded Festive FOMO- it’s the worst of its kind. With so much social life ground to cover between now and the 25th Dec, you need to make sure you cover all the best nights out.

But if you’re more about sitting at home with a few friends sharing a bottle of mulled wine, look away now. This list is for those who like to take Christmas by the antlers and jump in headfirst.

And this year, the bar has been raised.

From immersive pop ups, to cozy outdoor bars, ‘tis totes the season to be extremely jolly.

1. The Glam Clam

Imagine if Marylin Monroe threw Dita Von Teese a birthday party. That’s a good ballpark of the eccentric glamour you can expect from The Glam Clam.

Set in the iconic North London music room 'The Dome', which is just a stone’s throw from Camden. You will be sucked into a 1920’s speakeasy world wind upon arrival, with a champagne reception- and if you opt to dine, you can expect to enjoy a seafood menu designed by famous chef and food author, Gizzi Erskine, not to mention live performances from the creative force behind, ‘Sink the Pink’, and music from jazz Diva, Collette Cooper.

This drinking and dining experience and will definitely be one of the most talked about events this season, so book your tickets ASAP to avoid missing out… the one thing they can guarantee is that you will wake up the next day thinking it was all just a ridiculously surreal dream.

16-20th December, The Dome, Tufnell Park


2. The South Pole Saloon

Forget what you know about Christmas, and let The South Pole Saloon in Brixton rock your world.

Their description: ‘This surreal Christmas spectacle celebrates the story of the Rebel Elves who escaped slavery in the North Pole under Father Christmas and found their way to the South Pole to let loose.’

This madness is brought to you by the same creative team who created, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ (another crazy immersive drinking experience). At the Saloon you can explore three different rooms: The Rebel Elves Den, Snowman’s Land and the Candy Parlour, and to add to the magic, their own cast of Saloon misfits will be mingling with you as you sip on Christmas cocktails and boogie the night away to live headline DJ acts. I’ll see you on the dance floor.

20th November - 23rd December, Brixton

3. Club De Fromage on Ice

‘Club De Fromage on Ice’ is set in the famous Alexandra Palace, where you can listen to all your favourite cheesy music, whilst ice skating around, showing off your best Arabesque (or if you’re like me, you’ll be desperately clinging to the side of the rink whilst trying not to die). They’ve even opened the bar this year, hurrah! Although, don’t, er, don’t get all Torvill and Dean once you’ve had a few. This event happens every last Friday of the month, so get booking!

27th November, Alexandra Palace

4. Once Upon A Wigwam

This east London venue opens its roof terrace all year round, but this winter it has been transformed into a Brother’s Grimm inspired den, full of fairy tale magic. Their cocktails (my personal fave is ‘Egg Snog’) and food are perfect for snuggling up with in their cosy winter woodland bar. It’s a kind of camping vibe, but you’re on a roof terrace in Shoreditch, over looking the whole Square Mile. Oh, and did I mention the ginger-bread-house inspired bar? Not actually edible, but 7 year old you, meet adult you.

No booking required, although the venue gets pretty busy on the weekend, so just get down there early to avoid queuing.

Now-March 2016, Queen Of Hoxton

5. Night Tales: Tokyo Nights

Here’s another gem from Shoreditch- this time in the form of a Tokyo-themed pop-up. A Japanese party for Christmas? Eh, why not! This year truly is all about alternative quirky nights out, and this one probably wins for being the most random. Bop along to some Japanese house music, whilst munching on the tastiest traditional Asian street food. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to going travelling, whilst still being able to slump into your own bed at the end of the night. Booking is required for this one, but standard entry is available on the door!

So once you’ve found the perfect festive outfit that channels your inner tinsel fairy, and completed the inevitable Boots haul to ensure you can achieve glittery nails, red lips, and smoky eyes all in one go, get yourself going with one of these off-the-wall wonderlands.

Now-19th December, Shoreditch

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