Women Have Moustache’s Too, So Why Can’t We Join In On Movember?

Razor brand, Billie, have launched a campaign for women to not remove their upper lip hair

woman with moustache

by Lillian Sesiguzel |

Being someone of Turkish decent, I have a lot of hair - everywhere. It's a bit of a nightmare when it comes to hair removal, especially when you don't keep on top of it. I often spend the first day of my summer holiday inside, solely waxing, shaving, plunking, trimming, epilating and pulling several muscles. But now that winter is upon us, the tights come out, the jumpers are on, and the hair removal gets a little slack again... Shaving my ankles instead of the whole leg, infrequently waxing my underarms. But the one integral part of my hair removal 'routine' (if you can call it that) is my upper lip.

The first encounter I had with my 'tash' was in primary school, annoyingly early in life I think you'd agree. Then began the many, many attempts at removing it. First, I shaved it. Only a good idea if you want it to grow back faster and thicker, so in conclusion not ideal. Second, I tried bleaching it. Again, not a great end result, still noticeable, just blonde. Third times a charm - waxing. Sadly, the most painful, eye-watering option of the three, but the most effective in my eyes.

waxing woman moustache

But, imagine actually being encouraged to grow your moustache as a woman? Razor brand Billie, are doing just that, making it their mission to normalise body hair for women. The brand feel strongly about women making their own choices when it comes to hair removal, and not confirming to societies do's and don'ts - their body, their rules.

This November, they are campaigning for women, just like men, to cease removing their upper lip hair, and join in on the Movember movement for charity. The brand's campaign promises to match 100% of contributions from all genders up to $50,000.

Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley said, 'Mustaches felt like the perfect next body part because, despite the fact that we all have them, no one talks about them, let alone celebrates them.'

The empowering woman that appear in the campaign are actively trying to stamp out the stigma of women having moustaches in their own way, as well as supporting Billie. Maybe it's time to jump on board too? If not for one less thing to do every week, but for charity.

women moustache Movember
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