Do You Have HOGO? It’s The New FOMO Everyone Is Talking About

Naturally, it means the 'hassle of going out'... because we're all now realising how exhausting socialising can be.

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Not so long ago, ‘FOMO’ was a hot buzzword for those with a fear of missing out. Social media played a big part to play in this fear, since a common experience of FOMO is knowing you will see all of your friends having fun on a gazillion different platforms.

According to Mashable, FOMO is experienced by about 56% of social media users. While we might not have liked to admit it, FOMO ran our lives for a while, encouraging us to scream ‘yes’ at every invite even if we didn’t fancy going out.

But after months at a time spent indoors, in our cosy clothes tucking into various takeaways and only leaving the house for a quick walk around the local area, much has changed. We were desperate to go out when we couldn’t, scrolling through our own camera rolls, social media feeds and Instagram Archives for some semblance of what it was like to be outside. But now the process of going out - from choosing a place to putting on our makeup to travelling there - feels like a whole lot of hard work.

Enter 'HOGO', the term currently spreading online that describes the ‘hassle of going out’.

What does HOGO mean?

We’ve visited a similar realm before with introverts circulating ‘JOMO’ - the joy of missing out - around the internet as a response to FOMO. But HOGO is a little different - people still experience the joy of going out, but the hassle of organising it outweighs this.

Relaxation and minimalism has been a huge theme of the pandemic with searches for keywords related to cosy living jumping by 46% in the United Kingdom during the height of the pandemic, according to Bustle. And this yearning for comfort has lingered as restrictions lifted with social media searches for 'cosy aesthetic outfits' up 100% this year, according to trend forecasting agency WGSN.

On paper, who wouldn’t be all for cosy nights in over hitting the town? After a rough couple of years filled with financial insecurity, health anxiety and political unrest, we’ve all earned regular evenings by a crackling fire, nestled in blankets. But this widespread ‘HOGO’ is affecting the hospitality industry’s performance, according to some reports.

HOGO is now affecting the hospitality industry.

HOGO is being dubbed responsible for a noticeable number of no-shows for bookings at pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues. The Sunday Times reported that the restaurant group Gusto Italian has had 1,000 no-shows across its 12 restaurants in the last week alone. Even venues where visitors have to pay in advance for entry are witnessing a dip in attendees.

Outside of food and drink hospitality, around 15% of guests who have purchased tickets for prepaid sporting and music events fail to make an appearance, according to trade body UK Hospitality.

Belfast Live reported a restaurant in Londonderry, Amici Ristorante, experiencing similar no shows and fears of bad business performance. The restaurant shared a picture of a list of no-shows on their Facebook earlier this month and said: ‘This is an insight to how our Saturday night service ended up, a total of 45 covers not showing in with no decency to cancel to free up a table for anyone else.’

This paints an extreme picture of the HOGO, or the hassle of going out, something quite surprising after the impact of UK-wide lockdowns and followed by the loneliest Christmas in the 20th century. Since restrictions were lifted, about 33% of adults experienced feelings of loneliness worldwide according to a global survey by Statista. But even this mass loneliness hasn’t got people getting their glad rags on for a night out.

But is it that surprising that we’ve ditched going ‘out out’? While we were all sad to spend the best part of a year shut inside during lockdown, many reported that they actually saved money, spending less on luxury clothes, dinners out and the parts of life we’re accustomed to spending our earnings on without a second thought.

Beyond that, according to the UK Working Lives report, 54% of workers are putting in nontraditional hours as flexible working booms. There’s also been huge growth in the freelance economy: In 2020, there were 4.3 million self-employed workers in the United Kingdom, compared with 3.2 million back in 2000. Quite simply, people want to be at home.

So while we’re ready to let go of most aspects of the pandemic, it looks like much of the country has become a little more introverted and nights in are here to stay. Fortunately most pubs and restaurants have adapted to the pandemic by providing great takeaway options (even take-out booze!)

But heading down to the local pub with our pals is a quintessential part of British culture, a huge part of our country’s economy and pub owners are reporting fears of closure. So hopefully, we’ll soon be ready to strap on some heels and go out for cocktails again soon.

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