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There Might Be No More Uber For You If You Live In This UK City

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Jumping in an Uber is sometimes the easiest option when you’re out and about, but in Brighton and Hove that might no longer be an option.

Uber has had its licence renewal turned down by Brighton and Hove council, all because of the scandal after the company covered up a significant data breach in 2016.

The city’s licensing panel, whose decision on the matter was unanimous, said it had ‘significant concerns’ because of the data breach that affected 57 million customers and drivers, according to the BBC.

The decision was also influenced by Uber’s promise to only use drivers who are licensed in Brighton and Hove, which the council felt had not been kept.

Chair of the licensing panel, Jackie O'Quinn, said: ‘In the original application in 2015, UBL (Uber Britannia Ltd) gave a firm commitment to adhere to the standards set out in the Blue Book and only to use Brighton and Hove licensed drivers.

‘We do not feel the spirit of this commitment has been kept to.

‘In the panel's view, large numbers of taxis operating in the city that do not meet our Blue Book standards puts the safety of residents and visitors at potential risk.’

Uber has responded today saying it is disappointed at the decision and will appeal.

Some vocal residents and MPs have been voicing their opinions on Twitter, with Hove and Portslade MP Peter Kyle tweeting: 'So proud of Brighton and Hove Council. Uber refused to play by the rules or honour their promises so the council have rightly kicked them out of town.

'It’s time to sort taxi regulation once and for all and end this postcode lottery over passenger safety.'

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