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Tom Wolfe: The Immaculately-Dressed Writer Who Reinvented Journalism

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Tom Wolfe died this Monday, aged 88. And even if you've never read his work, his influence can be felt in almost every piece of journalism you'll read now. But summing up Wolfe, one of the world’s most radical, pioneering, adventurous journalists is an impossible task. He was frequently compared to Joan Didion - and the reporter, novelist and essayist's critical eye, wit and wisdom could only be matched for his taste for dandy fashion.

Sure he liked to stand out, but his sartorial mindset was also strategic. He became the peacock that you could trust, ‘It was counterintuitive, but he sort of knew that if he dressed like that, his subjects would learn to trust him’, said his literary agent Lynn Nesbit to the New York Times.