Want More Matches On Tinder? Support Manchester United

New data has found the football team you support can matter when it comes to prospective partners swiping right on your profile.

Support Manchester United for Tinder dates

by Laura Harman |
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Forget sunset selfies or a picture of you cuddling a cute animal, it’s which football team you pledge allegiance to on your Tinderprofile that could help you get a date.

New data from Live Football Tickets, a secondary marketplace for buying tickets, has found mentioning the right football team on your dating bio can encourage prospective love interests to swipe right. After conducting controlled experiments – where both female and male Tinder profiles were created with all the same pictures and details and only the football team they supported as the variable factor – they found supporters of Manchester United were most likely to get swiped right.

Women can increase their matches by as much as 57 by simply mentioning which team they support in their bio. However, bad news if you’re a Tottenham Hotspurs, Everton or Leicester FC supporter as mentioning any of these can decrease your chances of getting a match. If this is you, best to be a silent supporter then, if you want to find love (ouch!)

It’s not only women who need to be careful: male Everton or Leicester supporters also put people off by declaring their allegiance for the teams. Men supporting Chelsea received a worse reception from female users than profiles which mentioned no team at all. In comparison, women who mentioned they were Chelsea fans were inundated with swipes - making Chelsea the third most popular team for women to support on Tinder.

Arsenal were a pretty successful team for both male and female profiles. Men who supported the team had the third largest number of right swipes. Similarly, women who support Arsenal received the second largest number of positive swipes. Liverpool did well across the board, getting men the second largest number of swipes and women the fourth largest amount.

So basically ladies, it pays to be a football fan. Meanwhile men, don’t mention Chelsea if you want to score.

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