This Is The Biggest Deal-Breaker In A Relationship

A new study has revealed the shocking things we will and won’t do for love.

deal breaker in a relationship

by Elizabeth Bennett |
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YouGov surveyed 1652 people about the lifestyle changes they would be willing to make for their partner, and the results are pretty interesting.

The study does not focus on small changes - such as quibbles about the TV channel or hanging up wet towels - but instead larger factors such as career, houses and health.

When it came to deal-breakers, they found that meat was one of the biggest - even more so than smoking or moving house. Yep, it appears going veggie is the biggest bone of contention.

62% of people said they would be unable to give up their beloved meat for a partner, whereas 73% would be happy to relocate across the country and 66% reckon they could kick their fag habit.

The only changes harder to make than adopting a vegetarian diet would - not that surprisingly - be switching religion or ditching a friend. 71% of people agreed they couldn't end a friendship for their partner while 85% of people said they couldn't convert religion.

It seems if you’re hoping to mould your partner into the perfect companion, you might want to think again. “If you’re dating someone you consider to be a bit of a “fixer-upper” you might want to revisit your decision, as large majorities of people are resistant to making lifestyle changes for the sake of their partner,” YouGov commented.

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