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These Are The Most Stressful Jobs In The UK

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A new report published by the Health and Safety Executive has uncovered some shocking statistics regarding stress levels in the UK. Almost half of all sick days are taken because of work-related stress and - more bad news - women are more likely to suffer than men.

Per 100,000 workers, levels of work-induced stress, anxiety or depression were identified in as many as 1,880 women compared with 1,170 men.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the worst jobs for stress levels are those in public sector industries like education, health and social care, and public administration and defence.

While the Welfare industry had the highest number of cases of work-related stress (per 100,000) at 4,420, Nursing and Midwifery teaching stood at 3,090, Teaching at 2,640, Legal at between 1,470-4,350 and Business research and admin at 1,840.

The survey revealed that the major causes for stress at work come down to workload pressures, and being given too much responsibility without sufficient managerial support. Organisational changes are also a big issue, as well as general uncertainty about the future of one’s role – all relatable issues within most industries, really.

The figures from this report were recorded over a three year period, from 2014 to 2017; women aged from 35 to 44 are, apparently, the most likely to suffer stress overall.

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