Don’t Turn Stephanie Dubois’ Final Facebook Post Into An Anti-Vax Battleground

It's unfair to politicise her death and let toxic comments overshadow this tragedy.


by Anna Silverman |
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Stephanie Dubois, a 39-year-old model who described herself on her Facebook page as a ‘Professional model, food lover and international traveller’ tragically died at the weekend, after suffering a ‘serious thrombotic episode’ and a ‘very rare’ blood clot. The episodes occurred after she was given the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab on 6 May in Cyprus, where she had spent much of the pandemic with her parents.

In her final Facebook post she shared a picture of her bruised arm and wrote: ‘Done being ill now…. Couple more tests today! PS - I still don’t like needles…’ It was then reported she suffered a brain haemorrhage and passed into a coma. Local media reported she sadly died on Saturday.

There’s been a huge outpouring of grief since her death. She’s been described as ‘a beloved freelance model in the photographic community.’ Messages of condolences filled her Facebook page, with many commenting on how loved she was and how much they admired her work. But something ugly has also started to emerge.

Her final Facebook post has been picked over and jumped on by anti-vaxxers, where they have bombarded her page with heartless, insensitive and dangerous comments to support classic conspiracy theories.

It has not been confirmed yet if Stephanie’s death is linked to the Covid jab. And if it is, there have only been around 49 deaths linked to AstraZeneca vaccine blood clots in the UK, with many experts speaking out about how the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Her death will be investigated by the European Medicines Agency, Charalambos Charilaou, a Cypriot health spokesperson told The Times. Elena Panayiotopoulou, head of the pharmaceutical services at the ministry of health told The Sun Online: 'We may never be sure that her death is linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine.'

So then, pouncing on this as a reason to stir fear and persuade others against getting the vaccine makes little sense, especially when we remember the number who have died in the UK within 28 days of a positive covid test is significantly higher - 127,739.

As if a young woman’s death isn’t tragedy enough, these trolls’ toxic comments threaten to overshadow this heart-breaking time by politicising her death. We can’t let them turn her life into an anti-vaxxer battleground.

That’s not to mention the fact her family and friends are having to watch her death become hijacked by a group Stephanie never asked to be associated with. To deal with this while grieving a loved one is unimaginable. So far there’s no evidence to suggest she or her family are in support of anti-vaxxers’ conspiracy theories.

In fact, the family of a man who died from a blood clot after receiving an AstraZeneca vaccine in March urged the public to ‘keep saving lives’by taking up a jab when offered it – highlighting how incredibly rare it was for anyone else to have the same reaction as their loved one, Neil Astles, 59.

Friends and fans commenting on her Facebook post are also furious. One wrote: ‘This, this right here is NOT a time for anti vaxers. Please do not even entertain a response just report and move forward.’ Another added: ‘Do you not realise that this is not the place for an vaccine debate?? Stephanie's friends and family do not want to know your "thoughts". Take your debate elsewhere. This thread is to support Stephanie. Not a vaccine discussion thread. It's called having a little bit of respect.’

It’s unfair to politicise her death and let toxic comments overshadow this tragedy. Instead, let’s remember her for who she was: a kind, talented, widely respected, creative woman, loved by her friends and family.

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