SingYourDialect: The New Social Media ‘Thing’ That’s Breaking The Internet

So what actually is #SingYourDialect and why is everyone on it?

SingYourDialect Twitter

by Jen Crothers |
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It’s all over your timeline, but what actually is SingYourDialect? Twitter launched their Spaces feature, which is like a big hall to say things - it’s like a cross between a big group audio call and a DIY radio show, and you have to request to take part.

SingYourDialect has exploded into the Spaces space - it’s ostensibly karaoke to a bunch of strangers and celebs and everyone, really. 150,000 people requested to take part in the last one, and it works like this: you tell the group who you are and where you come from, and then belt out a tune.

Who started it?

A chap called Jacob McLaughlin , who’s just 18 and a bit surprised it’s all become so big. He’s the host and the man behind the singing space. Twitter users explained it thus: “#SINGYOURDIALECTS has literally broken Twitter man some guy from his bedroom in Manchester has got some of the most famous people on the planet to have a big karaoke session”

Who performed a song?

While the Space skewed to Football Twitter, there were some true legendary gems in there from the world of celebrity, food and brands also wanting to jump on the bandwagon.

It is a place where the unexpected could happen without fear. England and West Ham footballer Declan Rice expertly changed Ice Ice Baby to Rice Rice Baby, and actual Rylan performed a word-perfect rendition of Blazin’ Squad’s cover of Crossroads. A true anthem for the ages from celebrity’s greatest celebrity. It was the number three trending topic on Twitter that day.

Presenter and all-round icon Julie Adenuga sang Adele’s Hello with her boyfriend and they were branded, “our very own Nelly and Kelly!!” by one Twitter user. She won big praise for her harmonies and singing ability - why’s she been hiding that under a bushel?

Special mentions for Lethal Bizzle, who sang Wonderwall and Big Zuu who did Gotta Get Zuu This.

Who else was on there?

Some big long time listener, first time caller energy from the participants. While some people got fully stuck in, some just listened. As well as many of the Premier League football clubs, Stacey Solomon was on there, as was Dominos, Nandos, Diags from TOWIE, the Somalian Embassy and Barack Obama, apparently. It really is all things to all people. Who doesn’t love karaoke? Even N_gel F_rage joined the party but the less said about that, the better.

When’s is SingYourDialect on again?

Host Jacob’s getting back on it this Sunday from 7pm, with the Space planned to take place every Tuesday and Sunday thereafter.

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