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Similar Texting Habits Makes For Happier Relationship Study Finds

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It may sound unromantic but a good texting rhythm with a significant other is an important facet to a relationship.

Getting the required response to a text – you send heart emojis, they send heart emojis – would be more likely to lead to a happy relationship, wouldn't you think? Well, more so than if you texted 'I love you' and they replied, 'What's for dinner?' anyway...

And now there is evidence to prove it.

205 people – all of whom were in relationships and aged between 18 and 29 – took part in a survey conducted by psychologists at Pace University in New York. They were questioned on various aspects of their texting routine, such as the frequency of initiation and using texts to 'express affection' or 'bring up an issue that's hard to bring up in person'.

The results found that those who deemed their partners' texting habits to mirror their own reported greater overall relationship satisfaction than those who didn't.

'Findings highlight the importance of perceived similarity between romantic partners regarding texting behaviours for their level of satisfaction, even when taking into account the robust predictors of attachment anxiety and avoidance,' reported the study, published in Computers in Human Behaviour.

Further research is required before any definitive conclusions are reached, however, because most of the study's participants were women – 74% to be precise. Whether surveying a majority of men would lead to similar results remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, this still highlights the importance of written communication between lovers. So if you and your partner are the heart emoji/miss you/what you up to? types... keep on!