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'White Widow' And ISIS Member Sally Jones Believed To Have Been Killed In An Airstrike

Raqqa ISIS © Getty

Notorious female ISIS member Sally Jones is thought to have been killed in an airstrike.

Without being able to collect evidence on the ground it's impossible to confirm her death, but The Sun reported that the CIA had told UK counterparts that Jones was killed by a Predator drone strike close to the Syria-Iraq border back in June.

Jones regularly posted progaganda on social media (using a number of different accounts) but there has been a noticeable lack of activiy over recent months.

A mother of two from Chatham, Kent, Jones had moved to Syria in 2013 after converting to Islam. She joined her husband Junaid Hussain, who was killed in 2015 - it was after this that she was given the nickname 'white widow' by the British press. She was a key recruiter of British aspiring ISIS fighters and was soon put on a US kill list, though she continued to provide online guidance on everything from how to make homemade bombs to the best way of getting to Syria.

In 2016 she posted a message saying 'Have a nice summer. I wouldn’t go into central London through June or July. Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t go there at all by Tube'.

The US could face a backlash if the death of Jones's son is confirmed. 12 year old Jojo is believed to have been brainwashed by ISIS and indeed, he featured in an ISIS execution video last year. He would not have been deliberately targeted as, unlike his mother, he wasn't deemed a combatant.

If Jones was killed, she would have been the first woman to have been targeted in such a drone strike.

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