Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson Is Pregnant And No, It’s Not Going To Affect Her Political Career

ruth davidson scottish parliament

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

Yesterday afternoon Scottish Conservative party leader Ruth Davidson announced that she is three months pregnant with her first child after undergoing IVF treatment. Breaking the news on Twitter, Davidson explained that she and her partner Jen Wilson were really excited by the pregnancy and that having the baby shouldn’t impact her political career.

Speaking to BBC Scotland Davidson said: ‘I think that you’ve seen right across the world lots of women in politics who have made different choices. I don’t think we should limit a woman’s choices by whether she had children or not. Her ability to do her job shouldn’t be impacted’.

After her initial picture announce on Twitter Davidson shared a longer statement confirming the pregnancy and what it would (and wouldn’t) mean for her party. Clue: she’s going to have a baby, much like many working women do, and then she’s going to get on with everything else as usual.

‘Jen and I are delighted to announce that that I am expecting our first child in the late Autumn. Like all new parents-to-be, we are excited – and daunted – about the months to come. Mostly, we are just over-joyed at the prospect of starting a family together.

‘While this news may be unexpected for many people, let me reassure my constituents and voters across Scotland that there is no chance to my political commitment or plans to lead the Scottish Conservatives into the 2021 Holyrod elections – I’m simply doing what thousands of working women do every year: having a child, taking some time off, and then returning to work soon after.’

She went on to explain that her deputy, Jackson Carlaw will be holding down the fort within the party while she takes maternity leave although admitted that ‘I also know myself, so it’s highly likely I won’t be able to stay off the phone, demanding regular updates during this time’.

‘In the meantime, it is business as usual’, Davidson added. ‘We have a busy few months ahead, and I look forward to throwing myself into events with customary gusto. While it often goes unacknowledged, politicians have personal lives to and I hope people will understand that I want to be able to combine my public role with a family life.'

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