We’ve Been Using The Sassy Pink Lady Emoji Wrong All Along

pink lady emoji, meaning, sassy, hair flick emoji

by Ellie Wiseman |

When it comes to social media, we have it sussed. Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, Emojis… the amount of time we spend engaging with it makes us think we are experts in the field. But just when we think we’ve got it all down, some new theory come along that makes us question everything.

Recognise this sass-pot?

pink lady emoji, meaning, sassy, hair flick emoji

This pink lady emoji, to us, represents that feeling of utter smugness, like when someone compliments your selfie on Instagram, or when you’ve cooked a Mary Berry style dinner for six, or when you find a crumpled –up fiver in your jacket pocket. The sass emoji the perfect symbol for all those hair flick moments, and we’ve got comfortable with using the emoji in that way.

However, in an earth-shattering revelation, a new theory suggests that the pink lady emoji may actually represent the ‘after’ counterpart of a ‘before’ and ‘after’ hair cut moment.

Oh, and the emoji unrest doesn’t end there. According to Unicode, the pink lady emoji really represents an ‘information desk person’. Really, REALLY?

If you send this emoji and then hold your finger over her and press ‘speak’, a voice calls her an ‘information service person’. So yes, really.

pink lady emoji, meaning, sassy, hair flick emoji

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