Kate Middleton’s Two Day Work Experience

The Duchess of Cambridge was working at the Kingston Maternity Unit this week.

Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton has carried out two days of work experience this week, working in the Kingston Maternity Unit. According to reports, Kate visited several wards in the hospital, including antenatal, postnatal and labour. It seems she was eager to learn as she went on a community midwife visit too.

This private visit is believed to be in relation to her Early Years work. The project is linked to The Royal Foundation, a charity originally set up by Prince William and Prince Harry, to which Kate and Meghan have now become a part of. The project has been set-up to help children and make a positive difference to their lives, from pre-birth to five years of age. The mum-of-three is passionate about children and their development, so naturally has become interested in taking a more hands-on approach.

In 2018, the Duchess became involved in the Nursing Now 2020 campaign. While she was pregnant with Prince Louis, she attended the campaigns' launch on raising awareness of the nursing profession across the UK and worldwide.

Additionally in the same year, The Duchess also became a patron of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, which was originally the Queen's role. Kate learned about what the college's global health programme entails and how it's helping to reduce maternal and new-born mortality rates. She also attended a roundtable discussion on women's health, and was reunited with the midwife that assisted when Princess Charlotte was born.

Kate has also been known to privately visit and spend time in hospices that are exclusively for children, like the East Anglia's Children's Hospices, of which she became a royal patron in 2012 .


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