Kate Garraway Reveals Heartbreaking Abuse She Received For Going Back To Work As Husband Derek Draper Recovers From Coronavirus

'If we're having a laugh and joke, people then say "does that mean you're not worried about Derek or you're not feeling sad about it?"'

Kate Garraway

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Kate Garraway has spoken out about the abuse she has received for returning to work on Good Morning Britain, while her husband Derek Draper recovers from coronavirus in intensive care.

The TV host likened it to the abuse paramedic Laura Heath endured after posting a photo of her wearing make-up at work, which she and co-host Adil Ray were due to discuss with the NHS worker on the programme.

Prior to the interview, Kate explained that onlookers have suggested that by returning to work and 'laughing' on the job, she's sending out a message that she must not care about her husband.

She said, 'We've talked about this, with me doing this show, if we're having a laugh and joke - because that's our job in the morning to cheer everybody - people then say does that mean you're not worried about Derek or you're not feeling sad about it?'

'They see her posting and posing when she should be saving lives, not really understanding we're all human and the most important thing is we have to laugh and smile.'

Kate then rightly added, 'Nothing warrants abuse.'

The GMB host's husband Derek was hospitalised in March this year with the virus and spent weeks in a medically induced coma. Despite regaining consciousness in July, he remains in intensive care as he recovers from the virus.

Kate, 53, has been warned by doctors about the 'long road to recovery' her husband has ahead of him, which she later discussed in an emotional Instagram post.

Paying tribute to Derek, 52, on Father's Day this year, Kate wrote, 'Whatever happens next I’m afraid it is going to be a long road, with an uncertain end that isn’t even nearly in sight right now.

'But this week I am refocusing on hope that as a family we are going to pull together with the support of friends and get through everything come what may.'

Kate, who took time off from both her roles as GMB host and Smooth Radio presenter, told viewers during her first appearance after Derek tested positive for the virus, 'One doctor said to me he’s the worst affected person he’s had to treat that has lived, thank God he’s lived so far.'

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