Singer Jess Glynne Hit The Stage To Help Launch BT ‘Beyond Limits’ Campaign

Suzanne Baum spoke to Jess Glynne as she got ready to go on stage for BT's biggest brand campaign in more than 20 years.

Jess Glynne

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Jess Glynne is well-known for communicating strong messages through her songs so it is no surprise she was the perfect star to perform at Wembley Arena last night as part of an event hosted by BT, to kick off its re-branding campaign, Beyond Limits.

With her stunning curls swept back into a bun and a huge grin on her face there are no signs of backstage nerves for the 29-year-old singer as we chat in her dressing room before the event. Wearing a cropped rainbow jumper and a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms with biker boots, Jess appears calm and super welcoming, despite the fact she is about to take centre stage at one of the biggest venues in the world.

'I’m basically here to help BT celebrate the launch of a new campaign that is involved in exploring technology in its biggest form. I’m all into gadgets, tech and talking which is what the brand is promoting so I was super excited to be a part of it,' Jess tells me.

'With technology in the future it is all about exploring things that have never been explored before. Do things that feel alien, I love the sound of that!'

For a popstar who is known for expressing herself through her music and encouraging fans to embrace their flaws and talk, rather than bottle things up, communication is something Jess strongly stands for.

'Working with this brand, which is obviously known for its communication message, is a great fit. Communication has never been more important. With social media taking over so many people’s lives and mental health issues on the rise, never has there been a more important time than now to talk.'

As Jess chats to me, I notice her skin is flawless, yet she is quick to point out she has had her hair and make-up professionally done and nobody is ever as perfect as they seem. 'When you work as an artist, especially in the industry I am in, there is a lot of expectation about how amazing you look.'

'What is so important to remember is that people don’t always have perfect skin, they don’t always feel amazing, they may well be fighting their own personal issues behind the scenes. Kids are so obsessed with creating the perfect images on Instagram pictures but often they are so heavily edited, they are not the real reality.'

'As a popstar I like to think I am grounded. It’s all about being real, being yourself. In my life my family have taught me to be me.' Having previously spoken out about being uncomfortable dealing with the limelight, Jess admits it’s not always so easy, but that she has learnt to live with it.

'I’m living my dream and it is great to have a platform to share it on but it’s not something I am ever fully comfortable with.'

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