Apple’s New iPhone Update Is Very Noughties


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Is it just us or is it impossible to keep up with Apple’s endless iPhone updates? We’ve barely got around to updating iOS 7 let alone iOS 10…

Let’s be honest, we don’t adapt well to change, from Instagram's controversial algorithm update to the social media giant's new logo, social media can be brutal, (yes we’re talking about those Powerpoint memes).

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But recent changes have made us a bit more hopeful. Apple announced yesterday that you can now delete boring apps like calculator, you know, to make way for Facetune and more essential apps.

And now changes are being made to iMessage with the iOS 10 update. Remember when we got a little overexcited and told you that GIF’s are being introduced to WhatsApp? Well, now you’ll be able to send them via iMessage if you’re old school and haven’t downloaded WhatsApp yet.

And if GIF’s aren’t enough to articulate your needs and emojis are so yesterday then you can now send MSN-esque animations. Yes, you read that correctly. We can hark back to our school days when we’d rush home to chat to our friends, despite having seen them just an hour ago…

You can also look forward to ‘digital touch’, which is effectively Paint for your phone. Because why bother typing out a message when you can hand-sprawl it? And if caps lock isn’t enough to capture your excitement or be it anger, then new bubble effects lets users create animated chat bubbles. They will grow larger to demonstrate shouting, and smaller for secrets- think back to the days of MSN when you alerted the attention of your friend through virtually knocking on their screen.

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Perhaps our favourite feature though is the laziest one. If like us you’re prone to rapidly trawling through emojis in the group chat in fear the joke will soon be over and you still haven’t found the perfect smiley to capture the moment - no need to panic. Now you can set up autocorrect for your emojis. Simply type the emoticon, and up pops your overused evil monkey.

And if all of THAT isn’t enough to get you hyped for finally getting around to downloading the latest software, then this sure will. You will also be able to respond to texts with a ‘tapback’- essentially you can like a text instead of having to think of a response.

You can also send pictures via ‘Invisible Ink’ where your images will be concealed by pixels until the recipient swipes them away to reveal the picture. It’s gone from retro MSN-esque updates to something from ‘Back To The Future’ in one fell swoop.

So maybe this will tempt you to think twice before minimising the dreaded ‘software update’ when it pops up for the thousandth time…

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