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You Can Now Mute People On Instagram, And We’re Bloody Ecstatic

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This is the best news since we heard Beyonce was performing at Coachella

Scrolling through Instagram in the morning (or let’s face it at any spare moment we get) should be a joy – we’re supposed to be connecting with people we love, getting an intimate look at what our favourite style icons are up to and sharing the best moments of our fabulous and wonderful lives.

But in reality, Instagram can feel like a cycle of despair; you open the app, scroll endlessly, roll your eyes at the five baby pictures your old school friend has uploaded since last night, groan loudly at yet another #spaselfie from your colleague (oh so this is why she wasn’t replying to emails yesterday!) and get pangs of jealousy when you see someone you admire post yet another work win. And repeat an hour later. SIGH.

You should just unfollow them, right? But that would be awkward because they’re so obsessed with Instagram that they probably have an app that tells them who has unfollowed them, and regularly check their follower count.

Thankfully Instagram__ feels our pain – or maybe they’re secretly listening to us through our phone microphone – and have introduced a mute function. PRAISE BE.

How to mute someone on Instagram

It's so simple, but so beautiful

So here’s how to do it.

Find the offending colleage/friend/relative’s account and tap the three dots at the top of a post on their feed or their profile

Tap ‘mute’ and you’ll be given the option to mute their posts on the feed, their Instagram stories or both

Fear not – you’ll still get notified if they tag you in something or DM you, so you can pretend you haven’t muted them at all. Honestly social etiquette is exhausting.

You can read more about the new feature on Instagram's blog.

Go forth and mute.

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