How Much Would The Royals Earn If They Weren’t Royal And Had To Get Jobs?

Looks like family lunch is on Meghan.

How Much Would The Royals Earn If They Weren't Royal And Had To Get Jobs?

by Rebecca Reid |

Being a member of the royal family is a full-time job (though those of us who don't love the monarchy might question whether it's a sensible one). But, if the world were magically different and all of the Windsor clan needed to seek employment, what would they be qualified to do? And how much would they earn? The Knowledge Academy has put together some ideas.

Meghan Markle, £350k

Megs would apparently be the highest earner of the family, which isn’t surprising because she was quite famous before she met Prince Harry. The salary is based on the idea that she’d still be in a show at a similar level to Suits. However it’s perfectly possible that she might have got into the world of film, or been the lead in her own show, which would put her earnings even higher.

Prince Harry and Prince William, £21k

The research ignores the fact that both Harry and William were in the army, with Harry earning around £32,220 and William earning around £52,000. However if they worked in their current roles in the charity sector then given their experience and qualification levels they’d make about £21K.

Kate Middleton, £23k

Again, the calculation ignores the fact that the Middletons have a family business, Party Pieces, which Kate worked for and would probably still work for if she weren’t busy being a full-time mum/married to the heir to the British throne. They’ve worked out this salary on the basis that she would probably work in marketing and make about 23K. Which is a bit of a sad reflection of how little value is placed on parenting as work experience.

Prince Edward, £28k

Prince Edward did make a fair stab at working, running his own production company. Unfortunately it mostly made programmes about the royal family and was pretty unpopular, so closed down.

He’s been out of the game for a while and the company was dissolved 10 years ago. He could probably pull in a salary of £28k as a production assistant.

Princess Anne, £19-25K

Known as the hardest working royal, Princess Anne would probably work in the charity sector as she’s spent lots of her time working with Save the Children. Or, given that she’s a keen horse woman, and was in the Olympics, she could make around £25K as a riding instructor.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, £17.5-25K

Before getting married Camilla went to finishing school and then worked as a part-time secretary, which would make her about £17-25K these days, depending on who she worked for and how much experience she had.

The Queen, £85K or £8,736

Tricky one, that. The Queen has (unsurprisingly) never had a job, and if The Crown is to be believed then she's not massively academically accomplished, either. But on the flipside, she's got more experience in diplomacy than anyone else in the world. So she'd either be making around £85K as a diplomat. Or she'd be getting £168 a week as a state pension.

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