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Survey: How Has The New Gender Pay Gap Legislation Affected You?

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In 2014, Grazia launched the Mind The Pay Gap campaign, with the aim of giving pay transparency to every UK worker. We wanted to lift the lid on the gender pay gap and, ultimately, get rid of it for good. After months of petitioning, asking our brilliant readers to lobby MPs (which you did – in your thousands) and even marching on the Houses of Parliament, we won. Then-Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the government would press ahead with plans to make large UK companies publish their gender pay gap annually.

While the legislation had previously existed, it had never been enacted. Going forward, according to Section 78 of the Equality Act, all companies with 250 employees or more would have to publish their staff’s salaries and make their gender pay gap visible. This would arm women with the information needed to make sure they’re paid fairly in the future.

The obligation for companies to gather this data came into force in April last year. Now, the official deadline for organisations to make this information public (April 4th) is days away.

Ahead of the deadline, we want to find out how this change in the law has affected you. Has it made you feel more confident bringing up the topic of equal pay in your workplace? Would you consider a company’s gender pay gap stats before starting work there? And do you think it will actually affect women’s pay? Fill out the short survey below to share your views with Grazia...