You Can Now Send Texts On Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is making our lives a whole lot easier…


by Danielle Fowler |
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Facebook has announced that you can now officially send texts from Facebook Messenger, yay!

Finally, a way we can keep up with our work colleagues and the endless stream of (omg, that's so accurate to my life) memes via group chat. And there's zero chance we'll end up sending our boss the wrong text because Mark had our best interests at heart when creating the genius new feature, as you can colour-code your inbox so it’s easy to differentiate between texts and Facebook messages. Nice.

So all you have to do to send texts via Facebook is verify your phone numbers with Facebook and then set it as the default messenger. Simple. And not only that, Facebook are also introducing a whole new wave of features to keep us occupied from stickers to voice clips. You can even share your location for that first Tinder date- a must-have for when you can’t quite be bothered typing out the road you're on. Seriously, there's better things to spend your time doing. Like Instagramming your drink as you patiently wait.

But alas, there is a twist. Your usual text fees still apply and they will still use up that precious data. But according to Facebook VP David Marcus, anything you send via text will not be stored on Facebook. Good to know.

The newly launched feature is already available for Android phones but we’re still holding out for news of it coming to the iPhone...

Please Mark?

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