Cake Wars: The Best Colin The Caterpillar VS Cuthbert The Caterpillar Memes

The trial of the century has begun.


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The trial of OJ Simpson and the impeachment of Bill Clinton were two of the biggest court cases of the 20th Century. Now, fasten your seatbelts for the biggest trial of the 21st century. COLIN VS CUTHBERT: CAKE WARS.

Marks & Spencer began legal action against Aldi last week, arguing the supermarket's Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake infringes its Colin the Caterpillar trademark. M&S lodged an intellectual property claim, alleging the similarity of the cakes leads customers to believe they’re the same standard.

Naturally, social media descended into a frenzy with people creating memes and pledging their allegiance to either Colin, Cuthburt, or pointing out there's numerous other caterpillar cake knock-offs at other supermarkets that seem to be getting away with it... Programmes are being interrupted to bring special broadcasts on the breaking story (ok that hasn’t really happened.. yet.)

Of all the copyright cake cases in history (there’s probably been others, right?) this has to be the most nail-bitingly tense case of all. If M&S win, what will this mean for all the other Colin knock offs? Heaven forbid, what if we're desperate for a caterpillar cake but don't live near an M&S?

Colin and his copy cakes are part of the furniture in Britain (they're probably trodden into most carpets, too). He certainly divides opinion: war erupted in the Grazia newsroom as the team split down the middle into weirdos (those who don’t particularly like the cake – cover your ears, Colin!) and those who fall asleep each night dreaming of nibbling his white chocolate face (me). Chocolate cake with a buttercream filling? A hot potato more like.

So should knock off Colins be allowed to exist or should he be left to reign supreme? At £7 for Colin vs £4.99 for Cuthbert, you might think it's not fair only the 1% getting a slice of the action. This country deserves a more economic version! Then again, how long can cheaper supermarkets get away with cloning the aisles of other stores?

Whatever happens, we want front row seats, so we’ve rounded up the best jokes, tweets and memes circulating the internet, starting with Aldi's sassy rebuttal...

The best Colin the Caterpillar and #FreeCuthbert memes

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